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5 days in Southern Scandinavia - tips and hidden gems wanted!


In the first week of July, I’m planning a “low-key” flying trip to the Southern parts of Scandinavia for 5 days and I’m looking for ideas in terms of scenic places to visit. We (two people) will be having camping gear with us and we’re looking for the sort of “easy” places where we can decide on the day of the trip that we’re flying there to set up camp (or to stay in a nearby hostel etc. around the airfield, for what it’s worth, it doesn’t have to be the tent every night). We will surely visit one or two cities as well, say Malmö and/or Copenhagen but what I’m looking for here is the less famous places that are worth a visit… some grass fields or pretty islands where we can camp under the wings.. that sort of thing.

I do not want to venture out too far north as I’m planning to be back home for a wedding on the day after the trip and I don’t want to sit at Nordkapp on that day with “get-home-itis” so we’re looking at Denmark, Southern Sweden, maaaaybe Southern Norway. I’d want to be reasonably close to a city with a major airport on the last day of the trip, so if all goes wrong (WX), I can hop on an (expensive) airline flight to make it to my friends’ wedding back home and pick up the plane later.


Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

“Southern Norway” (Sørlandet) which is basically the coast from Kragerø to Kristiansand, is considered by the Norwegians as their Riviera and there happens to be an airfield near Arendal (Gullknapp) which has been progressively upgraded and seems to have quite good standard now.

Dagali, Fagernes, Gol/Klanten could be good starting points for hiking.

Frya has a camping in the vicinity.

You can also look at LeSving’s suggestions here, among others Tynset, Oppdal, Sogndal.

I believe that if you land at Skien/Geiteryggen you could try to take a boat trip on Telemarkskanalen.


Southern Norway impressions:

In good weather, it is some of the most beautiful and breathtaking flying in Europe.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Visingsö (ESSI), is a grass field on an island in Vättern (Sweden’s second largest lake), which is pretty. I’m pretty sure you can camp on the field too. They have fly-ins during summer.

Visby (ESSV).

The city is an old Hanseatic town with a well preserved medieval city wall. Also (together with the rest of Gotland) a great place for tourism in summer. The airport is GA-friendly and (unless something changed recently) you will park on the flying club apron and can go straight from/to your aircraft without any security checks or other hassle. You’ll have to arrange transport to the city (2.5 km) yourself — but for such a short trip a taxi won’t be expensive.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

How about Bornholm – a small Danish island south of Sweden. Bornholm Airport EKRN (GA friendly)

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EKRK, Denmark

In Denmark there are a couple of islands that seem to be very nice. Samsoe and Femoe just to name a few.
In the most southern district in Sweden you have Skåne where the aeroclubs usually arrange some sort of snack/food every evening, sort of like small fly-ins every weekday:
Tuesdays: Herring Sandwich(very nice) at ESMH
Wednesdays: Waffles at ESFA
Thursdays: “Pyttipanna”(Fried Mix of potatoes, ham and sausage) at ESMK

I think you will have a nice trip! There are plenty of nice airfields in the area.

Sweden, Sweden

I forgot there were other countries in Scandinavia than Norway.

I like Bornholm, but I prefer Læsø

Fill in the form at the airport and put money in the trunk. Rent (take) a bike. Stay at Carlsens Hotel in Vesterø Havn. Eat fresh smoked fish nearby.

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All nice grass strips. I prefer endelave.

pmh, Denmark

Thanks everyone for the input – I’ll come back with a trip report in return.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany
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