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6-9 May 2016 EuroGA fly-in to Carcassonne LFMK

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is there any wine that far South as good as the ones in Bordeaux?


No, in Carcassone they drink Vinegar and eat chips.

EDTQ / Sarentino

That is a matter of taste. There certainly is superb craftsmanship in the Bordeaux area, but in the South the grapes get more sun, so they can grow more sugar, offering more options in the vinification process. If you prefer sophisticated wines and are prepared to pay accordingly you better go for the Bordeaux area OR search very well in other regions. If (like myself) you prefer simple country wines, the South of France will offer a better price/quality ratio – but you will find better yet outside France, for example in Italy, or Spain, or …. Hungary…
Myself have been quite happy with the dry white I got near Lézignan – but my house wine is a frizzante from the Oltrepó which costs exactly half (3 € per bottle vs. 6). I intend to bring a fair deal of red from Hungary on my next (driving) trip there.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

The way you people are going you will be asking for sulfite free or even organic wines – evidently an instant conversation terminator in some places

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Just south of Carcassonne you will find Limoux. This is where the Champagne method was first developed by the monk Don Perignon. He then moved to the champagne region where it all took off. The region still grows grapes which are blended in with the Champagne grapes to give the correct balance. I visit the area frequently but unfortunately cannot drink much at all any more without getting serious headaches.

Yes indeed. In the long gone days of marriage and associated low budget, Blanquette de Limoux was the drink of choice at my rare festive events.
Does just as well as Champagne or (hmhm) cava, to all but the most sophisticated palates. Just like Cremant de Bourgogne and Cremant d’Alsace and a few more well-kept secrets.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Do they have any AVTUR, preferably without sulfite or water, and organic would be great, at half Jan’s wine price?
I’m in. Always wanted to visit Carcassonne.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Lots of good wines in Roussillon, Banyuls, Collioure… Around Beziers.

My favourite producers in that area is Domaine de l’Arjolles Not sure they have organic wines though.


aart wrote:

Do they have any AVTUR

They have Ryanair…

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