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A few piccies of Frankfurt from the air

A recent short evening blimble with the Cheetah and a friend. Departure from Egelsbach (EDFE), south of Frankfurt.

The view from the east, down the river Main and over the city is one of the most beautiful ones. This is about a close as one can get without entering the Frankfurt CTR.

Approaching Reichelsheim (EDFB), north of Frankfurt.

This airfield is special, because the runway and taxiway (old runway) are separated from the other airport facilities by a small stream and one has to taxi over one of two concrete bridges to pass over. Otherwise, Reichelsheim is a totally boring and somewhat ugly airfield. I go there very very rarely.

Whilst there, I had a brief look at the SR22 which went down under the chute three weeks ago after departure from Reichelsheim. Given the circumstances, the aircraft seemed in pretty good shape. I guess it will be rebuilt (this was a 2015 Turbo one, so probably worth 800k before the crash).

After departure, we headed towards Frankfurt again.

Frankfurt city from the north. Again, this is about as close and one can get whilst remaining clear of the CTR.

The new ECB (European Central Bank) HQ building, in the eastside of Frankfurt.

Two more.

Back at Egelsbach. Taxying the Cheetah with the canopy open is good fun.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Nice photo essay, I have never flown in the Frankfurt area, have not even landed at Egelsbach …

Evening flights tend to be the best: silky smooth air and (VFR) radio traffic slowly grinding to a halt…

Were you able to solve your intermittent iPad GPS reception problem in the meantime? I’d be curious to know which external GPS receiver you chose.

Great pics of Frankfurt.

Gosh… if the Brighton&Hove Right-On-Fashionable Hipster Beard Society’s predictions come true, they will have to build a lot more of those tall buildings very soon because every UK bank with a capitalisation exceeding £10k will be moving to Frankfurt by the end of 2016

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Threepoint,

yes, summer evening bimbles are very rewarding.

In this case, I was actually unlucky, since I was denied the transit from Lima to November (and vice versa) two times. But it is possible. Just need a bit of luck with the timing. If it had eorked out, it eould have produced breathtaking photos (both of the city and of the airport). I will try again.

Regarding thr GPS, they (PuF) fitted both Cheetahs with the GNS2000, which connects to the ipad via Bluetooth. Works great, so far.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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