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A year of flying the Diamond Star - DA40

Having flown a club aircraft since the start. A year ago I thought it was wise to enhance my flying skills and go for something more versatile and increase my skills, including the instrument rating restricted “IR(R)”.

From my first flight to France

Summer weekend trip away to Cornwall

Cloud surfing on a regular basis

Instrument flying

A day visit to Jersey

Visits to international airports

Enjoy the video! More to come, so if you enjoy – subscribe

Last Edited by pilotrobbie at 27 Apr 18:53
Qualified PPL
EGSG, United Kingdom

Nice. I’m a DA40 fan too ;)

Indiv. CBIR Instruction

Many thanks pilotrobbie for posting the report. You are using the plane as it was meant to be used

BTW we have a fly-in to Cambridge soon.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Awesome, great pictures and a lovely plane!


Nice flying and pictures !
Definitely a DA40 fan too.
Is it a Lyco or a Diesel ?


In the video there is a placard reminding to use JET A-1 only, so most probably a diesel engine ;-)

EDAQ, Germany

Oops ! Watched it too quickly :)

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