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Partly in reply to my own bleating, partly for fun, I have set up a beginning of a pan-European glossary of aviation terminology and vocabulary. Of course such a page can never be comprehensive, and if were, it would be hopelessly big. Even so, feel free to suggest improvements and additions. My own #1 idea: country-specific terms & definitions. Don't count on anything soon, though.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Hello EuroGa users,

I spend some time figuring out what some of the abbreviations mean in the various posts. Would it be a good idea to list some of the well used ones?


Nuthampstead , United Kingdom

Hear hear.

I learn about a lot of abbreviations here. Some I find a bit over the top (I think one like to each it’s own backyard or something I saw the other day)

It’s a bit more unfortunate since the choke right click (search Google for hoghlighted) gets disabled by the forum)

Nothing comes up on google for “hoghlighted”. “Highlighted” is too general.

What is a “choke right click”? Do you mean auto expansion of acronyms/abberviations upon mouse hover? I am not sure; maybe that can be integrated.

May I suggest everyone contributes the acronyms they know or use. I will start with these:

AFAIK = as far as I know
AFAICT = as far as I can tell
IMO = in my opinion
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IME = in my experience

Then you get many aviation-specific ones e.g. IAP = instrument approach procedure. I recall a thread on this a very long time ago…

We can easily collect all these into a file and put that in some obvious place here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


UG2BKM A thread on basic internet abbreviations…..

Really? I thought the OP was asking about flying abbreviations.

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EGTK Oxford

YMMV, your mileage might vary

Oxford (EGTK)

Sorry, typing on phone with a new keyboard and almost falling asleep didn’t help for clarity.

What I meant is that on a desktop, when using chrome, if you highlight some text and right click, one of the right click options is start a new tab with a search on that highlighted text. Seems silly but it’s much more relaxing then copy, open new tab, paste, enter.

Maybe you could have a database of abbreviations and when over would hover over an abbreviation in a post a little caption would appear explaining it.

Personally I have a slight preference for using the least number of abbreviations possible but understand sometimes they are useful. However, sometimes on the internet, people seem to try to show off some abbreviation eruditeness which can be over the top

What a welcome addition to this forum that would be! Especially if you could hover over an abbreviation and the full wording would appear.

As an example, I noticed exactly this feature today when looking at this advert. When you hover over the avionics abbreviations, the full text appears. Brilliant idea! :-)

UK, United Kingdom

Yes. It would also be nice for things like “Part 91”

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