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Advice for a day and flying in Norway?

I get the impression Norway is great to see from the air (from reading lots of posts here), so I’m planning a trip in a couple weeks with a couple of friends.

Coming from Berlin, will probably stop in Copenhagen EKRK on the way for fuel and arrive in Bergen ENBR around 3pm. Figure we’ll relax and see Bergen from the ground that afternoon/night.

Then up in the morning to do some flying for the day. Any advice on which fjords/mountains are great to see, routes to take, airports to stop in? Will spend another night in Bergen after (or perhaps another city if it makes sense).

Would love to hear suggestions on any part of this idea.

Leaving to Copenhagen the day after.

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EHLE, Netherlands

From Bergen you can go all the way from the coastline in the Fjord Sogndal till Sogndal airport ENSG.
One of my beautifull flights when I went in Norway in the beginning of june (from France to North Cape and back in 9 days)
Be aware there is no Avgas at ENSG.

I have done this trip many times and it is one of the best things you can do in an aeroplane

Make sure you spend at least one night in Bergen itself. Once I have to leave the UK because it is becoming so shit, Bergen is one of my target places to live, both from a beauty and a cultural point of view.

I agree about Sogndal, and while you are there, take the boat to Nærøyfjord and Flåm and take the railway to Myrdal.

Visit Trondheim, which is lovely and Ålesund, which has an amazing history and some of the most remarkable architecture anyway.

Last time I was there, Molde was one of the very few places you could still get Avgas after Bergen.

Possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world is the Lofoten Islands. Go to Leknes and take a bus to Å.

Then fly the Fjords around Tromsø, eventually landing there. Tromsø is not itself beautiful, but it is remarkable that there is such a vibrant city, with university and cathedral etc, quite so far into the Arctic.

As you can hear, I am a great enthusiast, please PM me for more gushing, but two big warnings:

  1. Avgas is very hard to find. Plan carefully and check before you take off
  2. You have to fly along the fjords, but be very wary indeed for power cables. Plan each flight really carefully in advance, checking their location and altitude, then keep your eyes skinned for them.
EGKB Biggin Hill

2019 edition of the Norway VFR guide here.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

You can find 100LL in Trondheim Værnes, and quite a few othe places :-). I would add, if weather allows, between Sogndal and Ålesund, flying over Geiranger fjord is very nice.
Molde is a nice airport with the runway almost on the fjord and not very far from the city center.
Similarly, Namsos is quite nice, the runway parralel to the river clos to the fjord.
Be cautious with the weather, it is quite montainous and montains loves to hide in clouds :-)

Enjoy your trip, and if you stop by Trondheim let me know!

ENVA, Norway

It’s very dependent on the weather. Bergen is not known for it’s many sunny days Stavanger is another option with more scenic places closer by actually.

What Timothy say. But – if I were to fly to Norway, I would start with Kjeller (fuel), then go directly to Røros/Tynset/Oppdal. Røros being the most beautiful city in Norway. They are all three in rather close proximity, and Tynset and Oppdal, both with 100LL (+ mogas and Jet A1 at Oppdal). From Oppdal you have the whole of the central north west coastal and inland area with the most spectacular landscape in all of Norway. To see it in a single day, you probably need an F-16 or something similar

Røros (or Oppdal, Tynset) is sort of in the middle of the Scandinavian peninsula . It’s seldom the weather is bad in all directions, due to how the weather systems work, and this gives you more options. You can go north, west and east (east will bring you to Sweden, Åre and south to Siljan area), depending on the actual weather. Oppdal and Tynset are private fields, and you “have” to call up front for fuel. Including Røros, they are all three inland fields way into the mountains, which also needs consideration if you are not used to flying in such areas.

Norway in bad weather is an acquired taste We Norwegians go to Spain for sun and wine and the good life in general


Oslo has to be one of the best connected capital cities with ENKJ Kjeller at Lillestrom, just 10 mins from the city centre by train. Fuel available with BP card.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Aveling wrote:

Oslo has to be one of the best connected capital cities with ENKJ Kjeller at Lillestrom, just 10 mins from the city centre by train.

To be honest, you have to spend 5-10 minutes on a bus or taxi to get to the railway station. :-)

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

WingsWaterAndWheels wrote:

Enjoy your trip, and if you stop by Trondheim let me know!

Indeed. Same here. You should also know we have our “own” grass strip, up in the mountains close to the Swedish border, not that far from ENVA. You can land there, and rent a room or cottage, fish some trouts etc. But you probably need a bit more than a day.


WingsWaterAndWheels wrote:

montains love to hide in clouds

like this…

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