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Ah fog, fog, fog

My planned flight into ELLX was initially delayed by fog in Oxford. Got away then Luxembourg’s fog didn’t clear – was 100m short of the required approach visibility. After holding for 30mins and chasing a bizjet 1000ft below me doing the same thing, ended up in Köln where I was planning to be tonight anyway.

The joys of flying in winter…

EGTK Oxford

Yeah, I have flown 3 ILSes close to minimums over the last week. One of these pretty much right at minimum.

On the other hand, I like (IFR) flying in the winter…on the vertical scale, there is simply much less cloud to deal with, making long cross countries so much easier.

Re takeoffs: as you are flying Part 91 Jason, there shouldn’t be any takeoff minima. Or are there any local restrictions at Oxford?

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Agreed. The ILS to EDDK was to 400ft.

I have always assumed even though under Part 91 which I know allows 0-0, I am subject to local takeoff minima for each airport (Oxford 400m) as specified in the AIP. Can’t say I have specifically looked into it though.

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EGTK Oxford

I clearly recall reading somewhere that the days of a zero-zero departure being technically legal for an N-reg in Europe are over – even for a Class G (farm strip) departure.

It came in a year or two ago.

I know of exactly two specialists on this area and Bookworm is one of them.

The airport minima is not the reason for this – though an airport can impose an additional (more strict) requirement.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think you are very likely to be subject to the 150m minimum as well as any other airport specific one but recall the issue is not clear.

EGTK Oxford

I should have tried to get a ride with you Jason. I’ve been trying all day to get to Germany, though Frankfurt, not Koln. London City not surprisingly were closed to most flights given their lower decision altitudes, so I’ve been at Heathrow since this morning and still waiting. There’s something in the Lufthansa ops guide about fog that does not mirror that of BA, as in my experience BA will give it a shot if it’s remotely possible to fly.

The peopel from the foggy iland can handel fog better than the lufthansa guys :-)


Going commercial wouldn’t have helped. We diverted to Gatwick yesterday as even CATIIIa requires 200m RVR.

Though some muppet taking out the STN ILS didn’t exactly help!

London area

I was told that FAA rules are 0-0 … however the FAA also states that if you are in a foreign country it maybe so that the local rules rank higher. Such would also be the case for take off minima which would follow the JAA minima (now EASA minima).

Whatever the reason . sticking to the local rules will always be the prudent way to go.

Yep. I least I can land at a different airport without passengers complaining.

I have to say I find fog the worst weather for IFR flying as far as affecting high altitude trips. Most other weather can be got around if you have power, deicing, radar and eyes.

EGTK Oxford
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