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Out of UMMM (Minsk-1) AD 2.22 Flight procedures:

“The ATC unit controller monitoring IFR flight is responsible:

  • for timely informing the crew about air traffic, meteorological and ornithological conditions as well as deviation from assigned flight path under radar control"

Can I expect ATC calls like this “Sparrow, 10o’clock, range 3km, altitude 100m, not verified” ?

NB: Is Minsk-1 being closed? The maintenance facility was apparently moved away and the land is being redeveloped, and they’ll loose their AFTN terminals next january.

Last Edited by tomjnx at 13 Nov 10:42
LSZK, Switzerland

Substitute a flock of seagulls for a sparrow, and you may well hear something to that tune, especially if they get a recent PIREP. Some airports keep hunting falcons (and have a dedicated falconer on payroll) to scare other birds away.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic
Is Minsk-1 being closed?

Excuse me for blandly copying from a well-known source. Seems like they finally got around to doing what they intended for so long.

Minsk-1 opened in 1933 a few kilometres to the south of the historical centre. In 1955 it became an international airport and by 1970 served over 1 million passengers a year. From 1982 it mainly served domestic routes in Belarus and short-haul routes to Moscow, Kiev and Kaliningrad. Minsk-1 was expected to be closed in 2008 because of the noise pollution in the surrounding residential areas, but in the mid-2010 it is still functioning. The land of the airport is planned to be redeveloped for residential and commercial real estate, currently branded as Minsk-City.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Jan_Olieslagers wrote:

Excuse me for blandly copying from a well-known source

I found that source too, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a schedule for closing it? Also, while the AFTN addresses seem gone first cycle 2016, the rest of the aerodrome info has not been withdrawn.

LSZK, Switzerland
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