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AIR BP fuel app

What does this actually do which you cannot do when you turn up at an airport which takes the AIR BP card and you have the card?

Is it like replacing a credit card with a phone running the Apple Pay or Samsung Pay app?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The carbon offset feature is a nice one. I have tried to come with a formula for it and discussed it here previously and was thinking about implementing a zero CO2 footprint option in our software, but at that time not many GA pilots thought that CO2 is an issue in this world or that participating in such a program would do any good.

EHRD, Netherlands

This AIR BP app looks like the typical result of one of those corporate “hackathon” weekends, organised to make large businesses feel cool and tech savvy.


Does the app work on your devices? I recieve the prices via the corresponding website, but nothing is shown when using the app. So in my opinion absolutley useless. At the moment the support tries to solve the issue, but since a few days I got no updates about the process anymore.

EDDS , Germany

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Has anyone used the RocketRoute Fuel app ?

Any opinions on pro’s and con’s ?

LGMG Megara, Greece

I can see this app on the web
but I cannot find it when I go through the iPhone in the appstore.
Any clues ?

LGMG Megara, Greece

Only available for iPad. Not for iPhone.

EHRD, Netherlands

Hi All,

My name’s Tom, and I head up Product Development over at RocketRoute.

Thanks for all the feedback above. Carbon offsetting of your fuel is certainly a great feature of the app, this is included as a free offer right now. We also provide up-to-the-minute personal pricing too, so you know how much you’re likely to pay before you turn up at the airfield, which means no more hidden charges.

We’re definitely in the really early stages of building the service right now – we launched the fuel app as the first step on our journey to becoming a proper, customer-focussed marketplace. The platform we are building will include an expanded fuel network, ground-handling services, trip planning and other functionality aimed directly at the GA market :) Of course, we’ll also be building out the fuel aspect of our service too, to bring new features (including iPhone support!).

Watch this space, and of course if you would like to give any more feedback or have a chat you can reach out to me directly on [email protected].

Many Thanks,

Product Manager, RocketRoute

How does carbon offsetting work?

I can’t see how one can reduce the fuel consumption, unless one flies a lot slower, closer to Vbg

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

T wrote:

Watch this space, and of course if you would like to give any more feedback or have a chat you can reach out to me directly on

Hello there @T and thanks for the input.
One thing I have not understood clearly: If you have a Credit Card (not BP related), can you pre-pay the fuel you know you will need with this card with the app hence avoiding payment/invoicing “delays” on the ramp for cash (change) process or on the spot process of credit card payment etc.?

To be honest as an end user this is the only operational advantage I see in such an app because otherwise where fuel is available, it IS available without need of “booking”, i.e. you turn up and refuel.

LGMG Megara, Greece
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