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Aircraft rental in the Dover/Lydd area - PA 34 or similar

Hi folks,

first of all: great forum! I’m following quietly for some time now and really appreciate the exchanges!

With my first post, I’d have a request for information: I’m looking for an opportunity to rent out a small twin (Seneca or similar) in the Dover region. My quest so far showed me that the airfields in Dover/Lydd, Shoreham or Manston do offer charter flights but at least do not shout out their desire to rent out any aircraft. Have I overlooked something?
Is anybody aware of operators / persons renting out twins in the southern UK?

Thanks and all the best from Munich,

LFCL, EDMD, France

Stapleford quotes for self hire on their PA34 although training probably takes priority.

This ad in UKGA was interesting.

The Geronimo is a great light twin, possibly the nicest, and transforms the sweet potato Apache.

Oxford (EGTK)

Give Lydd Aero Club a call. They don’t have any twins to rent, but they know everyone on the field. When I flew there there was a few twins based there.

Thanks for your replies!
I’ll try that!

LFCL, EDMD, France
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