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Looking to speak to Maule pilots

Actually the idea some folks have here is not that bad: Continue using your Cirrus for the international travel and get a STOL UL or something like that for the commute.

That thing here does not even need much of a runway…

LSZH, Switzerland

That’s impressive STOLing!

CB IR Instruction

I wonder if a Rallye would not be the ideal STOL commuter from farm to airport and back. They can be found cheap. They are built for.the purpose of rough and short fields. And plenty are available.

LSZH, Switzerland

Looking at the video, what do you do after landing in a place like that? The noise has scared all wildlife away or into hiding. It’s too dry to risk a barbecue.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Thank you for the interesting thoughts and videos. I’ll keep pondering ideas …

Frequent travels around Europe

Stephan keep us posted on your final decision.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

I have to say I’m very impressed by the takeoff at the beginning of the big props long props video

Frequent travels around Europe

Jacko wrote:

If, for the sake of easy arithmetic, we assume cruising ground speeds of 200 and 120 knots for SR22 and M7 respectively, the Maule will obviously be a bit quicker door-to-door for trips up to about 600 nm, but for longer trips the Cirrus will win (provided that you have no hold-ups on the road to and from your “local” airport).

That is actually one of the attractive parts of the idea. If one can walk up to the aircraft instead of driving to an airport, using the airline for longer distances can be perfectly fine. In my particular case I could hop over to Seville (LEZL, SVQ), which is just a bit over 90 NM direct, and make a connection :-) More attractive than a 2.5 hrs drive.

Of course, the other challenge is to find a suitable aircraft and someone who wants to buy the SR22 for a good price …

Frequent travels around Europe

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you can afford to keep both, get a small UL (or a Maule, anything STOL) to get you to the Cirrus and/or around Spain and base the Cirrus at LEZL or LEBA, or even LECU if most of your Cirrus trips are towards northern Europe, which I suspect they’ll be. In any case, great plans, keep us posted!

Maoraigh wrote:

what do you do after landing in a place like that?

When I went flying in the Idaho back country, we’d go hiking after securing the aircraft. Some people go camping.

Andreas IOM
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