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Cheap airplanes to buy, own and fly thread

I like several of mh’s planes, and they highlight that decent but modest performing aircraft do not have to be expensive. Given the objective of limiting budget I’d be more focused on those with mid-time SMOH engines, which narrows the range considerably.

Silvaire wrote:

do not have to be expensive

It’s still a certified aircraft, with the usual certified cost when it comes to owning. The 208s are nice though, and the 140, but they are not worth the money unless you are in it for the sentimental value. They are all old-timers, classics, vintage and will be cumbersome to maintain unless getting them out of EASA reg. The cheapest and less troublesome certified plane to own is a relatively new C-172, but it will cost you at least 150k up front.

I would say the Rallyes are quite nice, some of them. MH knows all there is to know about them.

The Swiss one has been on planecheck for ages, probably due to the hail damage but it looks like an immaculately kept plane. Currently de-registered though which might cause a lot of bureaucratic hassle but maybe it means it canbe had really cheap.

LSZH, Switzerland

It’s still a certified aircraft, with the usual certified cost when it comes to owning.

In the end, that’s an owt hard to get rid of. My experimental is just as expensive or cheap as my certified aircraft. To register it into an appropriate country is about 10 times as expensive with my experimental though.

Last Edited by mh at 09 Feb 11:52
Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

I think the nicest condition plane of the bunch is the French registered Aeronca 11AC Chief, and depending on engine installed could be a good choice. With an 85 HP engine these have just enough performance and are roomy, comfortable. With a A-65 non-electric engine they are pretty sluggish.

I knew an old guy who had an 85-powered Chief that he bought for $13K. He used to fly the thing almost every day, always taking people including young women for rides and having a great time. I think he was a retired small FBO owner, flight instructor. He kept it in a porta-port hangar for next to nothing. He’s probably gone now, but he certainly enjoyed his retirement.

The Bölkow Juniors and Rallyes are higher performing planes, and if the buyer were small enough the red Junior with the mid-time O-200 would be one to consider. The yellow one looks nice but the engine time is not stated, only the 2002 date of overhaul. The O-300 (six cylinder) powered Rallye with the high time engine is going to need a large money injection pretty soon. I think you could have fun with any of them, if it aligned more-or-less with your needs.

I’m 25% owner of a Bolkow Junior, colour as the yellow one, engine hours as the red one, bought for £15,500 in early June, with old radio and tx.
But for historical reasons it’s on an LAA Permit.
The Syndicate has been a disaster, and is undergoing a very acrimonious break up. Only 30 minutes have been flown by the two opposing members.
I’m hoping to buy them out, and spend to get it into good condition. It now has 8.33 and Mode S, and a cartridge oil filter. It’ll need a strip an repaint soon.
I’ve contacted Mick Allen following comments in another thread of this forum.
Bolkow Juniors were not night certified, but one was certified by the UK CAA. I hope to get LAA Night permitted later.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Maoraigh wrote:

Only 30 minutes have been flown by the two opposing members.

The same guys were also complains that you fly it too much ? what happened to the Jodel?

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Bo208C models are VFR night certified.

Can you get an a/c out of the LAA hands with reasonable effort?

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany

@Maoraigh, I wish you luck with buying out your partners in the Junior… I think it’s just an interesting type, the US homebuilt prototype, Swedish, German and Biafra history, the unusual high visibility configuration, the small size, low cost of operation and the relatively good performance. Also pretty well made by Bölkow from what I’ve seen.

This photo was taken of the first flight of the first prototype (on which BTW there would have been no night or IFR restrictions, if appropriately equipped)

Last Edited by Silvaire at 10 Feb 00:17

It’s a 208C. I hope to get it LAA Night. It needs instrument and landing lights fitted to qualify. It was agreed I would pay to fit these when we bought it. Then two guys demanded no night or aerobatics. I wouldn’t spend money on lights in that situation.
LAA Permit is good. Fitting the 8.33 and Mode S was cheap.
I was hoping to fly this weekend, but now it looks to be midweek. More Syndicate problems, I suspect. Mechanic who was to do a job on Friday hasn’t been in contact, and I won’t know the situation till Tuesday.

EGPE, United Kingdom
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