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Diamond DA50

A German flying mag has published a rather devastating pilot report about the DA50. Apart from a few nice words here and there, the verdict is: slow, thirsty, heavy, short of range. OK, the guy in charge is known to be a Cirrus fanboi, but geez…. I don‘t know how Diamond (who assisted in the making of the article, after all) agreed to this final result…

The guy also speculates that due to aircraft’s design, it may not be possible to increase the capacity of the (wing) fuel tanks in future versions at all.

The price cited for a „well equipped“ model (but without any anti-ice, which is pointless) is 930k€ net of VAT, so about 1.1 millions for a private buyer.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 23 Oct 07:32
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

The price cited for a „well equipped“ model (but without any anti-ice, which is pointless) is 930k€ net of VAT, so about 1.1 millions for a private buyer.

So you are getting a DA42 with shorter range and just one engine for the same price! :)


I don‘t know how Diamond (who assisted in the making of the article, after all) agreed to this final result…

Obviously I don’t know the terms in this case but in most product reviews the “target” doesn’t get the option to edit the final version. They should be given an opportunity to state their response, of course…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Exactly what I suspected. It’s cannibalism of their own product range.
I think the DA50 is for sure a wonderful plane, but in context of the other Diamonds I don’t understand Diamond‘s moves. With a chute, it would be a Cirrus contender.

DA50 CHUTE 1mio for the Cirrus clientele

DA42 TWIN 1mio for flight schools or the MEP clientele

DA62 TWIN the end level for the „upgrade“ play.

Freelance IRI / CB-IR Instructor
LOWG | Worldwide

Well, it is slow and heavy and lacks range, “thirsty” is more debatable. It is basically a (much better finished) Ovation or NA Cirrus running on Jet A1.

Worth noting that the Turbo Cirrus can burn unleaded 94 avgas and the price difference buys a lot of gas.

Last Edited by T28 at 23 Oct 08:22

It reminds of other companies (not in aviation) that were bought. They suddenly offer very bad marketed products, their sales decrease, then, you know, we must reorganize / focus on core market… end of story.

It is called « 1st class funerals » in French.

Or maybe they design aircrafts for the chinese entrepreneur (as we see german cars design change towards global demand) but I guess they need range too.


I have to say that the marketing effort per se is impressive. Very slick photography all over Instagram and other platforms, prospect engagement and what-not. Miles away from say Mooney’s new Acclaim unmitigated disaster.

It remains to be seen how the product will work on the market, and whether it will be bought on account of its capabilities or just for the halo.

A parallel with the German cars both in design and pricing would be that nobody actually buys the M-series (or the AMG) for their technical capabilities.


There are actually two reports, in each of our extremely (non) impressive world class flyer magazines. One of them, in Aerokurier, was apparently written by a guy who claims to have flown Cessna 172s for the last 3 years, so, no suprise, the report is a praise without even getting into any specific range and speed data… a waste of paper, essentially. The other one, in Fliegermagazin (the one boscomantico likey means) does compare the DA50 with its peer types (A36, SR22) and the results are indeed very, very bad. I have better speed and better range at FL140 in my NA Bonanza, saving me a million bucks. And I even won’t get wet when it’s raining. No chute, heavy, slow, bad range, expensive.

Last Edited by EuroFlyer at 23 Oct 13:20
Safe landings !
EDLN, Germany

I would not even put DA50 along Ovation, NA Cirrus or Bonanza, it seems Diamonds wanted to fill a gap in their product range and just innovate for the shake of it, I think some DA40 flyers may “upgrade” to DA50 but it will be hard to convince other brands flyer to buy one? still the DA50 will get along DA42 and tick “SE/ME JetA complex trainers”…

The looks & presentation is rather cool, and we know some residual market will buy thing for that !

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I guess the problem with extended tanks is that it will take it over 2000kg, no?

There is a massive resistance in Europe to > 2000kg (or is it 1999kg?) in this market sector because you then pay several tens of £ or € per hour in IFR charges, which is a substantial uplift on your flying cost, and probably comparable to the cost of jet-a1 being burnt.

So you would have to certify it as a say 2200kg plane and then sell a “1999kg STC” which people will buy and pretend they are not putting in the extra fuel. And I bet you anything that if you (Diamond) ask EASA will they will buy that STC, I know what their “under the table” answer will be I don’t recall the current status but IIRC they refused the 1999kg Meridian STC. There is plenty of precedent from existing STCs but I am sure the regulators don’t like them.

Re the Bonanza comparison, IMHO it is not the same market at all. Someone interested in a Bonanza won’t ever be looking at a DA50, and vice versa. The whole “style” is totally different.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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