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Mustang Mark22

Just heard of a US model that has both a G650 and G750 in it. So it’s possible to install that on N-reg. The IO-541 is a bit of an orphan. It’s also in the Beech Duke, so not unobtanium, but certainly a smaller pool to source from.

Nicely said Antonio, this is why I chickened out on a P210 versus my V35, although the delta in airframe purchase is not that much, to keep a P210 in tip top shape would have significantly increased my operating cost. Not doubled but a lot more, for sure the engine can become a certain risk factor were you always need sufficient financial reserves…..Its all about mission and budget..The P210 fills a nice niche market there are no alternatives in this niche… Anything above that is Malibu territory and prices


Vref wrote:

P210 versus my V35
V35 costs should be somewhere around half-way between the P210 and the 177RG. However, that figure has a lot of variability related to timing in the aircraft’s care-cycle: usually, as you acquire an aircraft, there is a lot of stuff you need to do but once you have caught up, things stabilize. Of course you can have the odd one-offs, but the big one, the engine, if you fly regularly and do all the advised preventive maintenance, you can mostly provision for.

On an aircraft like this M22, it is quite obvious these are the big factors, not the acquisition price. It seems to be off market now, I hope someone who appreciates the uniqueness of this aircraft and is willing to invest on it has procured it. Otherwise, if it’s someone misled by the price, either we see it on the market soon enough or it will be another sad loss.

LESB, Spain

Aircraft is gone from Planecheck…

LSZH, Switzerland
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