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Buying Beagle Pup 100

Hi All,

So in the process of buying a Beagle Pup 100 for building hours and experience cheaply!

Anything in particular I should look out for? Please limit responses to things related to mechanical issues or items I should ensure are inspected rather than “You should get a bulldog or at least a 150!”


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Thruxton, United Kingdom

The engine is an O-200 so should be straightforward. You may have seen this which discusses TC issues (“EASA regulated orphan” is the phrase used) which then directly affects airframe maintenance. How this may affect G-registered aircraft going forward might be of interest.

They sure are pretty planes, the 100 especially so, and built at Shoreham so Peter would approve.

Hope that gets some discussion going.

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Thanks Silvaire,

In red it’s a very good looking plane! The one I’m buying needs cosmetic tlc but so far having read through some of the history it seems like all the necessary AD compliance work has been done.

She had a prop strike 250 hours ago and a shock load inspection, top end overhaul, slick mags, new prop And skytec starter at that time so hoping nothing will go wrong engine wise for a while!

I’ll have to bring it down to Shoreham if all goes well with the test flight!

Learning & burning
Thruxton, United Kingdom

Silvaire wrote:

How this may affect G-registered aircraft going forward might be of interest.

Indeed. At least in Norway, an EASA aircraft is preferably now over “orphaned” aircraft when it comes to maintenance, because a “maintenance organisation” is needed for the latter for just about everything now. Which is pretty darn stupid and then some.


Pups have an FAA Type Certificate and on the face of it that would present a nice option… but if you look at that TC you find that it’s limited to aircraft already on N-register, no new additions. Any new aircraft go into Experimental Exhibition, which anyway does have its advantages in maintenance etc for a non-commercial owner.

I looked into this once because Pups aren’t so expensive to buy and would be an enjoyable type to have in the US. Lots of Bulldogs here but they aren’t quite the same.

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Is the Pup now on, or eligible for, an LAA Permit to Fly?

EGPE, United Kingdom

It is currently on the G register and has a restricted CofA.

I understand that it is eligible to be put on an LAA permit to fly rather than a CofA but I’m trying to work out what type of flying I want to do as my understanding of Permit aircraft flying around Europe can be a little less straightforward.

Having said that there do seem to be a number of advantages to registering it with the LAA, however, have not researched the costs involved.

Going to go test fly it today with an ex concorde pilot which I’m very much looking forward to!

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Thruxton, United Kingdom

Newbie wrote:

Going to go test fly it today with an ex concorde pilot which I’m very much looking forward to!

That’s cool! Be sure to report back. As a longterm Beagle owner, I can tell you that it’s quite an adventure, and they certainly have a “character”, but that is what makes them so lovely (btw I’m talking of the dog variant )

ATPL / IFR Instructor

So definitely an experience! Very slow climb rate of 200fpm with 2 heavy guys but once Out of the circuit you don’t notice too much!

She does fly beautifully though, amazing feedback through the stick, lots of power in the controls, fast responses and a fantastic view! The cowling and panel almost seems to melt away in front of you!

The best bit of the day way flying with Steve, who was a true gent and aviator through and through. I hope to grill him some more about his experiences – one of which must be a unique entry in his logbook of a flight in a Spitfire followed by a Concorde flight to New York in the same day!

Nest question was about interior parts – given that none of the plastic panels exist anymore I’m going to create some molds and make some new carbon fibre parts. What are the legalities involved with non structural items like this?

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Thruxton, United Kingdom
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