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Is the Jetprop the right plane for my mission? (and other high performance types)

Brilliant informative posts by Antonio!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Most 210’s that are listed as FIKI have vertical tail deice and heated stall warner. Possibly a requirement for 2nd alternator (I’m not clear on that bit)
The non FIKI ones usually just have main wings and horizontal stab. Normally they all have hot-prop.
I intend (non FIKI) to still plan for full Ice-avoidance but if I get that wrong, I have some additional assistance while working on the exit strategy (prop, main, tail.)
2 adults + 2 children + medium luggage should be nicely below MAUW so a reasonable amount of excess power is available to include in the exit strategy and adds to the margin slightly, but avoidance is better than resolution, and you already know that.

United Kingdom

HBadger wrote:

I am contemplating whether I can drop the turbine requirement for the P210, but then I would want to have a STOL mod (e.g. Robertson). Lower stall speed = increased safety margin in an engine out scenario. But if STOL, then no FIKI. On the other hand, as was discussed in a different thread some time ago, there is no FIKI concept in Europe, so as long as there is functional de-ice capability, it should be fine? Apparently there are de-iced Robertson STOL P210.

For me, FIKI would be hands down the thing I’d choose. In the European weather, FIKI means reliability and safety. With the levels the P210 operates, Ice is an issue.

As for STOL, the regular 210 with reasonable weights has pretty good performance already, so the STOL kit is really something I would think you can do without. The regular 210 can do LSPV and other such airfields just fine, with a bit less weight than the STOL one, but then the question is, how many times would you operate out of a field like this on high weight.

As for crash worthyness remember the C210 which came down (fuel exhaustion) on the approach to ZRH? The cell is quite strong this way or the other. I doubt that a few knots less stall would change a lot there. The P210 with FIKI ticks most of the boxes apart from turbine and if you want that, then there is the silver eagle.

Where are you based anyway, looks like we are almost neighbours?

LSZH, Switzerland

FIKI in singles give me pause. They’re marginal at best, have no redundancy and the pumps are high stress items that likely break more often. On my Aerostar the wet air pumps that ran all gyros and the de-icing stuff was the item that broke the most.


you know, if we were in the US, I’d agree with you. In Europe such airplanes are simply not financially viable, due to lots of red tape and primarily due to cost. Neither Aerostar, nor a twin turboprop, lest one resides within the upper 2% of the population. Even then they do not make economical sense.

LSZH, Switzerland

No, I was thinking more like the previously mentioned P337. Then you have redundancy in de-icing at least. I mean icing is no fun in any aircraft at all, so best avoided anyway.

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