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Aero AT3 R100 factory - what is happening?

Does anybody has information about Aero At factory in Mielec, Poland?
In our local Aeroclub, we are happy owners of At3 R100, but since last November we find difficult to contact with the factory for spare parts.

LEVT, Spain

I do not have any first hand news, but it seems that Aero AT Sp. z o.o. is having financial difficulties, although they did not file for insolvency yet. Last year (2020) they also did not file a financial statement for 2019 (the first time since the company was founded). It is a sad story… I happen to know the original founder but he is not involved in this company for a long time.

Here is a message translated from polish that I found on one of the websites where people can share their comments about employers (

The company is almost bankrupt. In January, the entire crew handed in their termination notice with immediate effect due to the lack of salary paid for months. There are shortages in the supply of utilities in the building, repeated debts in several hundred companies. The president fled Poland to China in July 2020 for fear of contractors, offices and courts who are conducting proceedings against him. Currently, the company is recruiting employees due to the pending proceedings suspending their aviation certificates. It seems, however, that due to the numerous bailiffs and fiscal seizures – it is supposed to be a job for free, deliberately misleading potential employees.

EPMO, Poland

Last days the web site has disappeared also…..

LEVT, Spain
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