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Socata TB20 - 2000h major inspection

I‘m interested in a really well maintained TB20 which has just 25h left till the 2000h major inspection.
How much should I expect for that roughly?

Is it a big job to replace the hinge of the trim tab? Two of them do have some play.



It depends very much on age, whether GT or not, condition, etc.

The trim tab hinges are nowadays fairly expensive. Not difficult to replace though. Unfortunately Socata used rivets on the part of the hinge that wears out, and screws on the parts which doesn’t It’s about 1 day’s work.

I have found that replacing the pins (which are PTFE sleeved on the GT) sorts out most of the play, and often you can solve it with just the two outside of the four pins.

If you go here and search for “hinge” you will find lots of information on this.

The need for the 2000hr inspection depends on whether EASA or FAA Part 91 and on the specific maintenance regime.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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