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Socata's TBM900

Socata upgrades the TBM850…
Nice winglets…

Damn, I just got a new car with TB 850 on the license plate!

I personally don’t like the looks of winglets. Otherwise, it seems like a good improvement of the product.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Interesting evolution. Seems a little more like a TBM850v2 than a brand new product.

EGTK Oxford

And the TBM700/850 will become more affordable, that’s also nice for prospective buyers.

Still too expensive for me.
330kt is not bad at all, I guess that would cut my flight time too much. lol

EGBE - Coventry

Interesting a lot more expensive than an Eclipse 550…

Last Edited by JasonC at 12 Mar 18:09
EGTK Oxford

Interesting a lot more expensive than an Eclipse 550…

Quite a bit bigger though. A lot more aeroplane in my opinion.

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Never seen inside. Is the cabin small?

EGTK Oxford

From my memory the Eclipse 550 is the smallest, then comes the PA46 and the TBM is even a little bigger. But compared to other aircraft with the same price tag the TBM is rather small.
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