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3/4 Scale Mustang

The part i like best: 600 normally-aspirated V12, 640 HP, Fadec, liquid-cooled – for only 10k USD more than a IO-550.

Pipistrel should use this for the Panthera :)

Eyewatering with Swiss fuel prices, is it?

EGBE - Coventry

Eyewatering with Swiss fuel prices, is it?

Or rather european fuel prices. I can’t think of many places with significantly lower fuel prices than most of switzerland, in fact only Belgrade…

LSZK, Switzerland

22 gph @ 280kts cruise isn’t too bad NMPG-wise… it is actually better than the Ovation while cruising 110kts faster…

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So the FK51 Mustang seems to be finally taking off. 2 guys from Mallorca have it on order for ages and they’ve recently been told to stand by for delivery this summer. Theirs will prob40 be on display at Aero.

It comes with a Rotax 915. Empty weight about 340 kg. Fuel capacity a stunning 200 litres.

The guys are UL flyers and don’t have a lot of experience flying abroad but plan to do a lot of it. Even Oshkosh is on the list. Well, I guess Mustang pilots have balls by definition! In this case no spouses to block the runway, so it’s all uncomplicated YOLO.

Now that they have to pick up the plane in Poland this summer they need to scramble to get their Aeronautical english up to par, basically from scratch I’m going to help them out and give them some lessons. Glad to do that in return for some airtime. I’ll give EuroGA an exclusive PIREP, Peter.

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

So which one are they getting? Rotax 915 means 135 hp max… 340 kgs is a lot emtpy if the MTOW is 600 kg and 137 kg go for fuel, 120 kg full fuel payload means 2 very slender guys but mostly one… If this is the plane they advertize with 100 hp it has a cruise speed of 120 kt, good luck going to Oskosh with that.

LSZH, Switzerland

I think a tandem-seater, retractable gear aircraft like that should be able to get close to 150 KTAS at FL100 with a 137 hp turbo. 1500 NM no-reserve range, I guess that would be enough. I agree it’s a long way to Osh, but they are not in a rush. Payload wise a little tight indeed.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Ha ha. Sorry. But Mustang and Rotax in the same sentence….

EKRK, Denmark

Yeah, you’re right Michael, it would need at least two..

Guess what?

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
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