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TL "Stream" - an interesting development

This just had its maiden flight. I think it’s worth keeping an eye on. I like tandem-seaters, for the great view outside and the cruise speed. TL is a well-established company.

Looks like it’s a bit more “practical” and less extreme than the Blackshape (also hopefully more affordable), but will still have great cruise performance. A lot will also depend on whether they will certify it as an EASA LSA.

Here’s their image video:

They would have to move the stick to the left for me though.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

What’s so special about it? At first glance, it looks like they took their “Sting” design and put the seats in tandem instead of side-by-side. As you said that ought to improve performance by reducing frontal area. I do not doubt some more refinements were made so that it must be a great performer. Still I do not like the idea of pushing a given set of criteria (so much HP, so much max stall speed …) to the utmost performance. There must be a price to be paid, somewhere.

And is it really superior to the Aveko VL3 or the Esqual VM1? Not doubting there is a lot of very able aviation engineers in CZ.

Further to the tandem seating: those who really want to carry two persons will prefer side by side – the second person usually being a more or less significant other half. OTOH there are those who fly a two-seater singly because of the extra payload; these might like this plane, but the W&B would require some extra care.

And also: does such a smallish dashboard offer enough real estate for all those gizmo’s we carry around today?

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Looks a lot like the Shark

“Max” cruise speed at 290 km/h (156 kt), but “optimum” at 250 (135 kt) with 100 hp. I would think the Stream would have about the same performance. The Stream looks much better in my opinion (who would like an aircraft shaped as a shark?)

Of the tandem go-fast two seaters produced in minimal volume, I’d like to have this one the most Cory Bird Symmetry… 210 kts economy cruise, 241 kts max. But you’d surely need a small partner and a long runway.

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… and that’s why I wouldn’t be interested in such extreme designs. As you know, Europe is full of 400 and 500 metre grass strips.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

I would keep the other plane

With a share in a Sting currently I’d certainly love a go in it! If they have managed to leave space for a couple of small bags, which is what we travel with in the Sting then the extra performance would be great. Personally I think it looks fantastic.

Although not sure why the put the stick on the right and the throttle on the left…

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Whiskey_Bravo wrote:

Although not sure why the put the stick on the right and the throttle on the left…

Why not? Nearly all the fighters are flown with the right hand on stick and left hand on throttle. On my airplane I also use the right hand for the stick.

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LECU - Madrid, Spain

More rubbish that will never see the light if day. Bar some magazine review. Why doesn’t someone come up with a Cessna 152 replacement for flying schools

Bathman wrote:

Why doesn’t someone come up with a Cessna 152 replacement for flying schools

You are thinking of something like this, this, or this, or even this?

Inside the sky.
EDXE, EDXF, Germany
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