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deHavilland Dove

In the 1990s my friend Carlos, who works as a Captain for Lufthansa, still had his de Havilland Dove – and he let me fly it a couple of times, which was great fun. I still had a valid twin rating (I let it expire later, because i felt no urge to rent old Senecas for € 600/h just to keep it alive). Of course I made it a magazine story aswell, that’s how we made these pictures.

The Dove felt like a really heavy, solid plane. And while it was pretty easy to fly and land, it took me some time to understand the panel ;-)

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Cool! Adam, that one’s for you!

She’s beautiful, and have flown in her to. Burns a whole lot of oil mind.

I dont have any commercial connection so am unshamed about this link.

Presumably those props are not original? The engines too?

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Egnm, United Kingdom

Appear to be original kit.

-HBBC used to sit somewhat forlorn out at Compton Abbas. They had good short field performance, not sure what their single engine rate of climb at MAUW was like.

If your favourite poison is multi engine piston, you might want to fill your boots with -AORG.

Oxford (EGTK)

flybymike wrote:

Presumably those props are not original? The engines too?

De Havilland Gipsy Queens, a six cylinder version (more or less) of the engines used to power Tiger Moth biplanes and the like. A few years ago a guy was going to park an original Heron in front of a friend’s hangar, and it would’ve been fun to see it fly. Sadly it never showed up. We’d already started planning containment berms to keep the oil from flowing downhill into the hangar. Gipsy Queens were really antique engines but Doves and Herons (that had four of them) must have had something going for them because they built quite a lot of them. Jack Riley Sr. put two 400 HP IO-720s on the Doves and four IO-520s on the Herons.

Great photos. British aircraft had the best looking cockpits and instruments…

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There’s one siting outside of Lubbock, TX rotting as well last time I was there.

I know the engines were original, and i am pretty sure the props were too!
For some time the Queen used to have one of these. One of the best things were the windows, the biggest ones i have seen in a twin.

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I’m sure this inline 6 cylinder engine in the Dove was aerodynamically superior to everything we have today…

Too bad i did not make a recording of their sound! But no iPhone in 1997 …

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