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Extra 400

It has always frustrated me that there was no video presenting the Extra 400 on youtube.
Finally gotten to produce one. It is here

I hope you’ll enjoy!

[ link fixed – youtube and vimeo links just drop straight in and the server presents them as videos ]

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Thank you for the video. I liked it. Beautiful cabin!
18,5 gph is good for the speed.

CB IR Instruction

Nice capable plane!

Great plane and very nice video. I know this is not widely shared but I really like the Extra’s appearance, and the cockpit is very well thought out, too. A pilot’s plane.


Thank you for the kind words (and for fixing the link Peter). @denopa I also like the appearance, at least with the paint job sketch in the last part of the video – still not done (painter let me down). Frankly, this aircraft’s exterior needs some graphic “tweaks” to look great, as most aircraft do.

On the other hand, the interior is exceptionally roomy, with a contemporary layout and jet style cabin windows.
All it needed was high quality leather and alcantara to look the way it does.
The most important element was the instrument panel. I do not like cluttered upgraded panels where a piece of modern avionics is sitting next to a gazillion old fashioned things… I decided from day one that we were starting from scratch and getting rid of everything that could be replaced by the G500 and EDM930.
After upgrading to the second generation iPad pro, I feel that this is now really on par with certified avionics, while offering an even nicer user interface, plus an integrated GPS and power backup that can save the show in case of a major electrical problem.
The iPad also has an integrated 4G data card – very useful for picking up weather during taxi or even in the first phase of the flight.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Love the upholstery! Maybe you could also do a walk around for more technical details? Like here:


Oh wow what a nice video. Thank you for pointing to it. I absolutely love the Avanti and if I could afford one I would have done it long ago.
The video shows how sophisticated the aircraft is – yet another major league upgrade from the EA-400!
I’d love to do the walkaround of the Extra 400 but in order to do justice to the aircraft I must wait for completion of the paint job which was supposed to be done in march.
I am working on preparation on my free time and hope we will do the paint “soon”. Thanks for your patience.

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Peter wrote:

I would try the usual US firms e.g. Acorn Welding, Dawley Aviation (here), and a few others I can’t think of right away.

They usually say they don’t like Inconel because it is expensive but, hey, who is paying? The Inconel exhausts on the TB GT aircraft last the life of the aircraft.

maybe you can try to ask ATELIER CHABORD in EPAGNY/France as they are very good with inconel and maybe can reverse engineer your system


Thanks @Peter_Paul. I actually did contact them and we DID start a project. Unfortunately, they let me down twice on the committed delivery time and were rather arrogant about it. I eventually told them “not waiting for you anymore”.
So they have done some work and I have spent a lot of money for removing, shipping and reinstalling the exhaust system and that was it … sigh…

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

i sorry to hear
if you want to have a other go at some stages these are very good people for inconel exhausts
Steve Good (the founder of the company was sadly killed in a helicopter crash in the late ninthies)

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