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Cirrus BRS / chute discussion, and would you REALLY pull it?

LeSving wrote:

EASA has in it’s typical genius fashion said that CS-LSA or CS-VLA (or any other EASA standard) cannot be used for ULs. If the CS-LSA is used, then the aircraft has to be registered as an EASA LSA and not as an UL. An UL has to use a non EASA standard.

That’s very interesting. Do you know where the regs say this?

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Rami1988 wrote:

The other advantage of a chute is that it will save you when you have flight control issues (if youre quick enough to react)… any other plane you are stuffed

Or if you lose a control surface due to a mid air collision…..

EDL*, Germany

Rami1988 wrote:

I don’t own a cirrus but if I did I would probably look up all the stats on landing somewhere random vs landing in a field.

For example what if you ended up on a roof and slid down, or ended up anywhere high with a cliff. Just hypothesising..

The thing is, you asked:

“Curious – what does cirrus guidance say if you lose your engine but think you can force land it on a field? are you meant to pull the caps or not?”

Now you’re changing it to “what happens if you land on a roof and slide down, or end up anywhere high on a cliff…..”

So where are we? Above a field, or above a town or a series of cliffs?

For me, the latter two will always be a pull once I’ve reached my decision altitude because I don’t want to collide with a house or a cliff at 75 knots; I would, however, use my altitude to manoeuvre to the best location. With the field, I’ve given you my thoughts…. unless I was sure it was bowling green smooth, I’d pull at decision altitude….

EDL*, Germany

With a strong winds, the parachute will touch down at windspeed. This might be greater than an into-wind landing.
Is there a quick-release in case the parachute is dragging the aircraft along the ground?
In mountains, could an updraft lift the aircraft? A CB updraft should be able to do this.

EGPE, United Kingdom

BRS chute mandatory re-pack discussion (under EASA) moved here

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

This video asks a relevant and important question regarding the parachute.

Last Edited by Fernando at 24 Jun 12:12
EGSU, United Kingdom
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