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Cirrus BRS / chute discussion (merged)

What kind of airplane is it?

Don’t know

LFHN - Bellegarde - Vouvray France

This SR22 BRS activation has just popped up online

It is unusual to see this. It was apparently activated around 300ft AGL following an engine failure.

A good result considering the low height.

The car didn’t do so well…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

This SR22 BRS activation has just popped up online

That’s really an amazing video. It would be interesting to know how violent, or not violent, that chain of events seemed from the cabin.

How long to get the Cirrus airborne again? Talented friends of mine, about 50 levels of skill above my own, just did a gear up landing in their composite plane, then rebuilt it in a few weeks, structural, engine and propeller repairs included. The objective was to get it to the Reno Air Races for the first time. They made it, eventually finishing fourth in class.

(Do Cirrus and the insurance company really scrap the whole plane?)

According to COPA about a dozen planes have been repaired and are flying again.

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

As I wrote here previously… not sure I would want the avionics from those cockpits

The problem with aviation is that if you bench test something and it works IAW the test spec, it is tagged Serviceable and is “perfect”. In reality is could be junk, with intermittent faults…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Same goes for bench testing the structure.
I would not want a repaired chuter but that’s just a feeling nothing scientific from my part.

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

The Reno racing Glasair I mentioned above was rebuilt from an insurance company wreck this year, then landed gear up in development flying and was repaired again afterward. Today it’s flawless, beautiful and flies somewhere between 375 and 400 statute mph flat out, with 6 g turns. A lot depends on who does the engineering for the repairs and who does the work itself. Composite structural repairs can be done in a way that is equivalent to the original, and invisible – but the techniques are a particular technology.

Last Edited by Silvaire at 17 Nov 15:36

Wise words from Silvaire on composite repair, those who know the business can restor the original structural integrity with a repair that is impossible to see.

As for the avionic systems I have seen no problems with repaired aircraft and would offer the opinion that shipping by one of the major parcel companies is the most severe mechanical test that an avionic box will encounter .

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