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Piper piston PA46 Malibu / Mirage and other pressurised SEPs (and some piston versus PT6 discussion)

i am looking for infos for pre 89 Malibu with Conti 520 turbo engine
any real life infos, performance, generlinfos etc

many thanks


If you’re looking to buy a Malibu, can I strongly encourage you to join MMOPA? You’ll find answer to these questions and a lot more.

Peter, I hope I’m not breaking any rules with this. Thanks.


Yep, MMOPA is the place to go for such specific questions. There will be 100 people who have flown with that combination.

EGTK Oxford

Not breaking any rules but it is hardly helpful to send somebody to a site which is:

“Annual Registration Fees are $250.00. $60 of this amount is for a one-year subscription to MMOPA Magazine”

Since several people on EuroGA have or have had PA46s, they might be able to post some info here.

There must be a forum of some sort for every imaginable aircraft type out there.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Thanks Peter
you got exactly my point!!!!!!
i know that owning a airplane is costly but $250 for a bit of feedback is a bit too much exclusive for me lol


Go here. It’s free. And in German to boot.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I believe @eal might know about this, although I think his is from a later year.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Actually MMOPA is the place for this type of specialist information. a 1989 PA46 is an original Malibu with a very different engine and landing gear system to the Mirage which came with a Lycoming engine. neither of which I have any experience of.
My understanding is that there is, or at least used to be an introductory free trial available of MMOPA, but I do not know the details of how you get it, so perhaps contact them and see if it is still available?
The info you are seeking and a lot more quality knowledge is available there. Certainly if you end up being an owner, I would strongly recommend you join. Well worth the fee.

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Lovin' it

By the way, in 2004/2005, me and my father we briefly considered moving to an PA46-310P from our then SR20 (before deciding to stick with Cirrus and get an SR22). We flew a couple of them in the process. What was an important factor for us was ergonomics and comfort. Have a sit in a Malibu. Coming from the very well designed SRxx cabin, we both just didn’t feel comfortable. The cockpit is tight. Your head touches the curved roof. Entry to and Exit from the cabin was a torture for my father. The cabin windows are small and the look ahead isn’t too great.

Could be the same experience for you coming from the Bo (whose cabin is a bit narrow, but at least it is very high, and the views to the outside are great).

We also wanted to continue flying to 500 meter grass strips, so that was another con point for the PA46, and a pro point for the SR22. The Bo is also a greart short grass field performer.

If you have a specific one you are looking at, carefully check the type and the condition of the hydraulics – often a problem on the early Malibus.

Otherwise, it’s of course a great cruising machine. Think 200 knots a FL200 burning 16GPH. In pressurized comfort. The Mirage is much less fuel-efficient.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Yes it doesn’t sound helpful, I’m sorry; but the reality is that we’re not going to be able to convey anything near the quantity and quality of what’s available on MMOPA in a thread… I know it’s quite a bit of money but it’s definitely worth it if you’re considering buying a PA46. I joined MMOPA a year before I bought my plane.

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