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MU-2 for the adventurous.

@Manitu: as you might know, Heiko Teegen (PuF founder) operated one in 2002/2003. Long time ago, yes. And of course, he can no longer talk about it, but I remember he wrote about it a few times in that timeframe.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Taking the title to heart I would guess around EUR 50-100k p.a before turning a prop. Owner flown, hangar, no depreciation provision or capital charge, SFAR training (budget a week travelling to the US), avionics databases.

Then direct would be around €400-700 per hour, mainly Jet A1, airways charges and mandatory handling.

Ideally a safety pilot with professional background would be useful.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

Manitu wrote:

and I am trying to work out OpEx for this plane. Any further comments appreciated.

Conklin and DeDecker? They have numbers for OpeEx (variable cost only):


RobertL18C wrote:

Adam I wonder what stories that MU-2 might tell given it’s provenance:)

Could it be made airworthy with an airframe inspection, a HSI for the engines, prop overhaul and some avionics upgrade? Sounds like $200k -300k before it flies, and you are still left with a ‘69 no logbook MU-2. More if the engines are junk.

How much is the annual SFAR, is it just in the SIM or does it need an actual checkride?

Exactly, when it comes to MU-2’s, there are plenty to be had with good maintenance for not much money. You’re looking at anywhere between $550-900/Hr depending on how hands on you are. I would suggest to reserve $20K for the annual, $4-5K for the recurring SFAR (Initial is probably $8K), so that puts you at $25K/year. Add hangar and insurance and you’re looking at another $10K at least. So $35K/year in fixed costs, then fuel and engine and bigger inspection reserves. I know the MU-2 has a pretty major one at 7000hr. The long bodies are a little slower, but have bigger cabins and land better.

Manitu wrote:

It is an interesting plane… But once you have bought it, you sit on it, so much is clear.
But the performance is intriguing. I am looking into a smaller body Solitaire.

. 320 kt cruise
. range up to 1600NM
. useful load 1560kg
. lots of space
. and above all a robust make

and I am trying to work out OpEx for this plane. Any further comments appreciated.

You won’t get 1600nm out of them, but maybe 1100nm. 320kts also a bit of a stretch, I think, but certainly 300kts all day long. Some of the earlier models came with the -1 engines and they only do 260kts, but also command the lowest price. -1’s are plenty good, just don’t produce as much power up high.

Last Edited by AdamFrisch at 22 Aug 18:56

Well, it has been said one can pick any two of fast, good, or cheap.

With aircraft, out of range, speed and payload, you can pick only one…

Biggin Hill

Here’s -1 powered MU-2F from 1969 that’s dropped below $200K. I know previous broker/owner for this aircraft and it’s a good egg he owned himself for 6 years. His name is Randy Africano. It’s a little strange it’s come back on the market so quick, so he’s thinking someone swapped the motors on it for higher times ones as his had over 3700hrs left on them when he sold it last year. Used to be for sale for $340K. In any case, might be worth investigating for anyone who’s thinking of an early MU-2 or entry level turbine.


Less than a second hand Carbon Cub :)

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

RobertL18C wrote:

Less than a second hand Carbon Cub :)

I’d still rather have the second hand Carbon Cub

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)
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