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How much would you pay to fly this Cessna P210 Turbine Silver Eagle

So no C210s are FIKI in EASA land?

According to the above neither faa or easa is certifying the SE fiki

pmh, Denmark


LSZH, Switzerland

pmh wrote:

So no C210s are FIKI in EASA land?

From what I read, there are FAA-certified FIKI C210 or T210 or P210 (piston engine). No FAA-certified FIKI C10T (Silver Eagle, turbine). Whether the FAA-certified FIKI piston 210 can be FIKI in EASA land, I don’t know.

AFAIU, EASA won’t FIKI certify a plane whose TC / manufacturer is from FAA-land, when that plane is not FAA FIKI certified. Whether it puts additional requirements above FAA FIKI certification, I do not know. Maybe not.


Normally it is the other way round e.g. the TB20 with full TKS is not FIKI on N-reg (because the FAA wants a second alternator, a second TKS pump, a heated stall warner, etc) while a G-reg one is OK for flight in specified icing conditions (“FIKI” is a US-term, mapping on US weather services etc).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, but the TB20 has a JAA/EASA/… origin TC. Do you have any knowledge of a USA designed/built plane (so design and manufacture is certified by the FAA) that is not FIKI on the N-reg, but “OK for flight in specified icing conditions” under an EASA reg?


You can put most PT-6’s (except the “big bore”, -66’s, -67’s etc) on the so called MORE Program. It’s basically a inspection-STC that extends the overhaul time if you follow a few more steps. The program can extend up to 8000hr TBO and is by most accounts a very good program that will save the operator a lot of money. Magically, you can now take the 3600hr TBO engine to 8000hr TBO, reducing costs considerably. Not sure if the MORE Program exists as an EASA STC.

Also, if you you intend to stay N-reg, then overhauls on PT-6 are not mandatory anyway, so you can fly them as long as you want (as long as you comply with the inspections). So a possible scenario for a potential owner is to get into an aircraft that’s close to TBO, do the HSI and then keep it flying past TBO. This favors buying your “last plane first”, the one you really want, as it will be harder to re-sell a turbine that is over TBO.

Last Edited by AdamFrisch at 01 Aug 13:52

As I see it you wouldn’t enter serious known ice if it is fiki certified or not.
It is written on the SE forum the turbine conversion is much better in icing than the fiki piston model.
What would be the benefit of the fiki certification?

pmh, Denmark

I wouldn’t pay that much for a single engine turbine conversion of any aircraft type. This is a 1978 aeroplane, so it’s old, and it has been modified into something the manufacturer wouldn’t be interested in. It’s not properly de-iced and it still only has one engine. The avionics is non standard and if the posts above are correct, effectively render this a VFR machine. Other posts indicate a poor maintenance regime, or maybe an owner that won’t allow them to fix fuel leaks! Not for me at any price.

Renting turbine aircraft to PPLs is unlikely to be a financially safe activity. You can do a lot of damage just by starting them up wrongly.

For less money you could have this, a proper job. This advert answers the question about the MORE programme, it is obviously EASA approved


Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

Neil wrote:

It’s not properly de-iced

It is as de-iced as they come in this weight class, except maybe the JetProp which I read has dual pitot and stuff like that.

The avionics is non standard

Silver Eagles also come with a Garmin G500, or even steam gauges. I’m not sure what you call “standard”, but that’s fine by me. These configurations are, for sure, widespread.

effectively render this a VFR machine.

No. The posts above which you implicitly refer to were purely on the Chelton avionics, and only on an EASA register. I believe a Silver Eagle with Chelton avionics is IFR-approved on the N register. I know a Silver Eagle with steam gauges or a Garmin G500 (and appropriate legal backup instruments) is IFR-approved on EASA registers.

Neil wrote:

For less money you could have this, a proper job.

I think you intended to post a different link than the same Silver Eagle ad again.


Snoopy wrote:

The Meridian ist above 2T so about 50€/h tips for Eurocontrol. Is the PT-6 a little more thirsty compared to the Allison? What is a ballpark charter price number for a Meridian per hour? It is a very appealing airplane… true cabin class and more roomy and comy than the P210.

Really not sure what it would lease for but it is a FL280 aircraft that does 270 knots at 270pph. Proper wing, windshield and pitot-static deicing and a 5.5psi delta. For weather avoidance it is in the same class a TBM but with a reduced range.

EGTK Oxford
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