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Airfields with hotels

I read Dublin Pilot’s comments on hotel airfields in his Ganderkesee write up and wondered if other people had recommendations for hotels located on or very close to airfields. Here are some of mine to start with.

Bremen – Atlantic Hotel Airport

Hannover – Maritim Airport Hotel

Arnsberg – JU52 Restaurant & Hotel

Baden Baden – B&B Hotel Baden Airpark

Colmar – Le Roi Soleil Prestige

Troyes – Golden Tulip

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Sywell – The Aviator Hotel. On-site.

London Area

Borkum – Dünenhotel Borkum – probably one of the better locations to be spending this weekend.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

EDAZ, Schoenhagen: very good for visiting Berlin, a Smart can be rented from the Tower. Room is € 55/night plus breakfast.

Granville LFRF Relais des Isles a short walk north along the beach.

Nogaro LFCN Solenca just across the road from the aero club.

Belle Isle LFEA La Desirade about 500 metres to the west.

EGBP Kemble, United Kingdom

That and the information about restaurants right there on the airfield is what I am looking for many times. Wasn’t there someone around here who was working on a new website with that kind of information?

I’m still dreaming about a “route planner” that has this kind of information.

For example, the other day I was playing around with planning our flight from Germany to Spain. As soon as I discovered that the total flight would be close to 5 hours due to headwind, I was looking for a good place for food and fuel halfway. I would love a service that provides suggestions in such a case. Maybe a fun extension for autorouter :-) Or maybe an API that allows third-party services to be triggered …

Anyway… We decided to go to Avignon LFMV and spend the night there. But traveling alone I would love to eat, refuel and continue.

Frequent travels around Europe

I have moved this thread to Trips and Airports

Wasn’t there someone around here who was working on a new website with that kind of information?

It has been suggested multiple times but I think a fair summary would be that critical mass would never be achieved for a really good database which would also contain current data.

But if you post information here, it will come up on a search especially if the ICAO code is included in the postings here.

For example, while a German will spell something “Hannover” others will likely spell it “Hanover”.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

i believe we are above the critical mass, just need some programming to let us do the inputs


LFQB – Reims Prunay has a hotel and restaurant on the field. Not much of a hotel if I remember correctly, but still a hotel.

Quiberon has several hotels in walking distance of the airfield.


A few in Scotland.

Perth – Sky Lodge
Glenforsa – Glenforsa Hotel
Oban – cant remeber the hotel name

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