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Antwerp EBAW requires a GenDec?

It is written on their site:

Users – legal formalities

I used only a gendec in greece and turkey last month.


This is probably just another overeager airport assistant who needs to prove his manager that his job is really important and can’t be whittled away.

You see that at most GAT security too: They handle just a couple of persons per day, yet they need at least 10 minutes to screen you.
You have to take off your shoes. They take a sample of your bottle of water and analyze it, strip search you even though the metal detector said you’re fine, etc.
If they would be so thorough at the CAT terminal they could never handle the work…

I have no interest in Antwerp, but in general: I agree that one should always complain in written form about stuff like this. That’s the only way to change things.

Ha! That ridiculous Gendec that they have on their website isn’t even in English! Well, who doesn’t speak Flemish after all?…

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Essattamento, caro amico Boscomantico!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium


arriving from which country? If they ask a Gen Dec for an inner EU and Schengen flight they are most likely in violation.

If they insist on a Gen Dec for flights from Switzerland and other non-EU states, they can do that but it appears that they have taken a big step back towards the dark ages.

LSZH, Switzerland

boscomantico wrote:

Ha! That ridiculous Gendec that they have on their website isn’t even in English!

Not only that, but the email address listed on the instruction page is wrong too, apparently it’s [email protected]

That’s at least my understanding of the following email reply:

Ik ben afwezig van Vr 14-8-2015 tot Vr 14-8-2020.

Ik ben afwezig van Vr 14-8-2015 tot Vr 14-8-2020.

gelieve uw berichten in de toekomst naar ons nieuwe e-mail adres toe te sturen

[email protected]


LSZK, Switzerland

Apparently Jersey also requires this:

And Antwerp also requires a Cargo Manifest. Quite ridiculous.

However, quite a few airports do require something like this to be sent ahead or filled on the spot. I recall that going to Memmingen you need to provide pax list with passport numbers e.t.c. from Switzerland as well as most customs airports where no permanent customs are located in Switzerland require a form being filled in either online or locally for cross border flights. Only they don’t call it General Declaration, as that form usually looks quite different from the one they have on the site.

LSZH, Switzerland

The stringent requirements at EBAW may have to do with the diamond trade in Antwerp – very badly reputed regarding tax fraud – and/or Belgium’s reputation as a crossroads for drugs trafficking.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

@Mooney Driver

Arrival from the UK. In fairness customs/ immigration were in their office with the window hatch open when we came into the arrivals hall. They were friendly and quick.

The airport office hatch was closed and nobody was present so I went straight to my friend who was collecting me. Thinking as in Ostend we could just pay when we returned. I think this is what caused the upset!

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)
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