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Antwerp EBAW requires a GenDec?

@Jan_Olieslagers. I hope it’s not due to the diamond trade, from my experience all parcels go through the diamond office, invoices are Inspected and parcels sealed and stamped. There is no VAT to pay on exports to the rest of Europe provided you are VAT registered. I guess there are always people who don’t play within the rules !

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

Hm. All official parcels go through diamond office, yes indeed.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

First time I hear about that document. Never used that from non Schengen to fly to EBLG.

EBST, Belgium

Per definition the General Declaration is a document where basically the person in charge declares that noone in the flight has a disease !
In Greece, where my experience comes from, they just use it as a people on board manifest signed by the pilot.
Its an “enhanced” airport check out – check in procedure but, because the departing airport CAA stamps and signs it and the arriving airport CAA checks it for the colleague’s stamp & signature, this way the procedure – in paper – verifies all is well … this is one more argument that justifies the job of the CAA officer…

Police in ports of entry when flying to/from “abroad” use it (and keep a copy) to check identity of the people traveling and then keep a record of ones passed by their control point.
CAA officers also use it to base on this the passenger tax where applicable.

The irritating part is not that you have to fill it, to this one gets used to, its that this document for non commercial op’s flyers like PPLs it is not available even though required and CAA who couldn’t care less (on the availability), at places requires not 1 but 2 copies of it.

Commerical op’s usually issue their own via dispatch offices.

Tip: The only good thing with Gen-Dec in Greece is that SWISSPORT Hellas handling agent have stock of hundreds of books with preprinted blank Gen-Dec’s (with triple colored sets in each for carbon copy while you write the top one).
If you politely and with a smile explain them you need one such book as their client since you visit them often, you will be handed over one of them for free which solves forever the problem of getting hold of Gen-Dec forms.
The other 2 companies who provide handling in Greece (SKYSERV & GOLDAIR) do not have such an organized book and just use templates by photocopying them etc.

Last Edited by petakas at 09 Nov 10:00
LGMG Megara, Greece

petakas wrote:

its that this document for non commercial op’s flyers like PPLs it is not available

It’s in ICAO Annex 9 appendix 1, so if you google this, you should find a PDF.

Furthermore, the autorouter briefing packs should contain it for airports known to require them (currently LGKR LGML)

The problem with Antwerp is that they use a term (General Declaration) having a specific meaning (the ICAO Annex 9 Appendix 1 form), but apply it to their form which has only a passing similarity to the ICAO GenDec.

Last Edited by tomjnx at 09 Nov 15:38
LSZK, Switzerland

It seems that the Belgian Ministry of Finance wants to fine me with 125€. But I don’t yet know the details, because they sent me a letter by registered mail, but didn’t include my name in the address, so my local post office doesn’t want to hand me over the letter…

I’ll keep this forum posted as the story unfolds…

LSZK, Switzerland

Any recent experience of Antwerp EBAW ?
Want to stop EGCF – EBAW – EDNY (Friedrichshafen) on April 5th.
One passenger on our flight EGCF – EDNY would like a halfway stop.
Our Arrow could do it (and has) non-stop.
Have used their e-mail contact system and they do not reply.
My Questions
Can I clear Non-Schengen / Customs from UK and onward to Germany ? say 2 hour park.
Price of 100L (AVGAS) ?
>2T so expect no handling ?
The guy I talked to on +32-3-285.65.00 at:-

did not seem 100% helpfuly and although broken English a bit disinterested. Said he did not know fuel prices, contact BPAir – that got me no where !!
Telephone numbers take you round in circles !!
Anyone got a better ‘contact’ / information on EBAW

I’m thinking of re-routing via Le Touquet, who were very helpful with information.
Antwerp were not encouraging.

Last Edited by WarleyAir at 24 Mar 15:01
Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

If you just want fuel, no way would I go to Antwerp if Le Touquet will do routing-wise. LT is really fast and easy.

BTW Friedrichshafen EDNY has Customs/Immigration so unless you are planning to do a stop between say LFAT and EDNY, at an airfield which does not have C/I, this is not an issue.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

WarleyAir wrote:

One passenger on our flight EGCF – EDNY would like a halfway stop.

Why not stop at Wevelgem EBKT?
They have fuel, customs, and a good restaurant on the field, its almost on a direct route and around half way.
They are also friendly!

Phoning airports often doesn’t bring any meaningful results.
It’s also not required where there is official documentation, as is the case here, EBAW being a big airport, not a farm strip.

Can I clear Non-Schengen / Customs from UK and onward to Germany ? say 2 hour park.

Why not? It’s an international airline airport. The AIP of course also comfirms this and the NOTAMs don’t say anything to the contrary.

Price of 100L (AVGAS) ?

Well, I don’t know, but in will be in the normal Belgian price range, which currently is 2,00-2,50€. Will you really change destinations because it’s 20 cents more or less?

>2T so expect no handling ?

Again, the old handling debate. What is “handling”? Instead, the only interesting question is: what will it cost me, all-in, to land there?
From reports on this site for example, you can deduct that it will be 40€ give or take.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 24 Mar 19:23
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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