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Any tips for a flight school in NY area

I know the question might seem odd on a EU site but anyway….
Does anyone has some tips for a flight school in the NY area ?

Thanks in advance !

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To do what sort of training?

EGTK Oxford

Is indeed some usefull information…
I am going to NY on holiday for a week with my girlfriend. On top I will use the opportunity to get for the FAA PLL license by equivalence at the NY’s FSDO (last step).
As we will be visiting, the plan is to get a plane & an instructor to have a view of the NY sky-line in dual from the sky.

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

I had a very pleasant experience with at KCDW during my last two visits to New York. They have a fleet of mainly C172s, required two check-out flights before renting the plane for solo. People there were nice and had overall reasonable and accommodating approach. You can get to KCDW from Manhattan by bus easily which I found very convenient (they even offer pick up from the bus station which otherwise is 20mins walk).
The skyline route is a very rewarding flight, I strongly recommend to make it both during day and night.


NY is a big place, where abouts are you staying, Manhattan, Long Island etc?
I lived there for 12 years and learnt to fly there so will be able to give some help.

Will be staying in the vincinity of the Grand Central Station. Had contact with airfleettraining at KCDW so far.

Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

Any preference on aircraft type?

Well I am checked on an Archer II and c-152 but as I am unfamiliar and will not have to for a BFR I was planning to have an instructor. So the plane is not the most important part. En plus the idea is to have my girlfriend with me…. I gues that the plane will probably be a c-172…
Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium

Can recommend KFRG (Farmingdale) last time I was there they were renting very nice DA40’s with G1000 or an easy train ride out of Manhattan to KISP (Islip), can thoroughly recommend you speaking to David Bragg (My old instructor, did a 2300 mile cross country with him) they have a 172
if you fancy flying out of Class C airspace, reasonable busy airport but no landing fees when I flew out of there. Either of them would be great for the city tour, you’ll get a clearance either directly over JFK runway or more likely below 500’ along the shoreline under the JFK approach and then VFR corridor up the Hudson, just over the height of the bridges but below the skyscrapers. A great experience, if heading back to long island you may get cleared directly over Central Park depending on La Guardia’s traffic.


Just wanted the provide some feedback… I eventually decided to rent a plane at Air Fleet mentioned above. The fact that they are only 30min by bus from NY helped for the selection.
They were easy to contact and friendly. They they picked us up at the bus station and brought us back.
I posted some pictures on this blog as well (New-York (NY) skyline from a plane)

Thanks for your help and feedback….

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Belgium: EBGB (Grimbergen, Brussels) - EBAW (Antwerp) - EBNM (Namur), Belgium
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