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Anybody using the Nokia 808?

Now there's an alternative, the new Lumia 1020.

Comes with Windows, but the camera appears very good.

Comes with Windows

Nothing could be worse than Symbian...

It looks like they did what everybody expected: they put the 808's camera into a WP phone.

It will sell.

WP is "OK", for dumb "Iphone-style" use (I've had a play in shops) but you don't get the great flexibility of Symbian, the latest touch-screen incarnation of which is very good.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Got to ask: what's "dumb iPhone-style" use?

Well, Symbian's history anyways.


You don't even need to sit for an hour on the train to London to see what most smartphones get used for.

It's multimedia consumption, messaging, and the odd phone call.

Apple opened up the "media consumption" market with their Iphones and their very slick "finger" interfaces.

Now everybody in the business is doing it.

I think WP does it OK. Symbian led the market before Apple redefined it, it has missed that boat, and while the latest version works fine (I use the phone for all the usual stuff too) Nokia never made it run smooth and the app developers deserted that platform c. 2010 when it became apparent that the fast buck was to be made on IOS, especially as it made piracy difficult.

Not many people are running more complex apps (FTP, VPN, etc) on their phones.

Symbian is history now, but everything is "history" at some stage.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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