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Arctic Circle

There may be a high pressure system over Scandinavia in the next couple of weeks and I would like to fly VFR to the most northern airfield Mehamn ENMH and call in on Tromso ENTC on the way up, or back.

I have read somewhere aircraft are required to have special visibility markings if operating in remote areas, but can’t find it, or searching the AIP.

Any other pointers / fuel stops welcome.

I tried this couple of years ago; routing up through Finland, but only got got as far as Rovaniemi EFRO and came back down Sweden.

I have Mode S, ELT and 8.33.

United Kingdom

The VFR guide is all you need.

You could probably also try to get a card so you can use Avinor airports outside of opening hours (if applicable). Link

Visibility markings are for flying to Svalbard, not the Norwegian mainland.


Possibly not for Norway, but definitely for Sweden. See AIP GEN 1.5.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Check this thread:

LeSving, Boscomantico and Martin – Many thanks.

United Kingdom
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