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Atlantic crossing back to Europe

italianjon and I are currently crossing back to the UK. Now in Iceland. If interested you can track here:

EGTK Oxford

Hope you made it past Iceland before they declared the ‘Red’ zone around that volcano that’s about to blow!

Yep. Safely home. A good trip back.

EGTK Oxford

Yes. Home safe. Well me as far as London. I have to use boring airline transport to get me home to Germany tomorrow.

What a trip it was! Great fun, great experience!

In case anyone is interested, this is the full route of my trip.

EGTK Oxford

That is extremely impressive. I look forward to any kind of write up or photos. Did you encounter any difficulties along the way?

Will put something together when I have some time. Only really challenging legs were the two to Greenland. Adverse winds on range limited legs over water with no realistic alternate after reaching destination do keep you very focussed.

EGTK Oxford

Did you go to Narsarsuaq or Sondre Stromfiord on the way home?

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

BGSF on way over, BGBW on way back.

EGTK Oxford

I would be interested to know what premium you had to pay on your insurance for this trip, and was it difficult to arrange?
Thanks, Q

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