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Aviationexam vs. CAA

Have the first 4 exams coming up in a few weeks.
What is your experience with the result reached on the QB compared to the real exam?
I seem to be at an average of around 85% on the QB. Is that sufficient?
(I’m studying the book also, not only the QB)

pmh, Denmark

What qualification? Which subjects?

I was getting around 90% and matched that in the exams, so this should be good enough.

There were a few questions in the real exams that weren’t in the QB at that time, but overall I thought AviationExam was excellent.

EGBJ, United Kingdom

It’s for the CB IR. Starting with AirLaw, HPL, IFR COM and Instrumentation.

pmh, Denmark

Met is the really difficult one, so you should be OK

With fewer questions per subject since I sat them, some say it makes it a bit more difficult.

Good luck!!

EGBJ, United Kingdom
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