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Avidyne IFD440 / IFD540


Avidyne have been talking about this product for a long time, and collecting deposits which would entitle the deposit holders to buy the unit at a discounted price of $11k, compared with a claimed retail price of $16k.

The deposit option is closing soon, according to a recent newsletter from Avidyne.

I wonder how relevant this product (and its smaller IFD440 version) is to European IFR.

For any new installs, PRNAV must be a consideration and due to the difficulty of getting either the EASA Major Mod done, or the FAA version with its custom AFMS which the NY IFU won't do anymore, an AML STC is pretty important. But I see no mention of such.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom


I have no real opinion (yet) about this product, but one thing puzzles me: How can it be that Apple successfully sues Samsung over rounded corners of their smartphones and tablets, yet Avidyne not only produces a 95% clone of a Garmin product, but even gives it the same unit number? Very strange...

Regards Max

EDDS - Stuttgart

Having seen them both, I think the Avidyne is actually quite different - essentially it is a derivative of the R9 Avidyne software.

The challenge is delivery dates. I opted for the Garmin 650s due to their availability now but I think the 440 looks great.

Peter, why do you think it won't come with PRNAV like the Garmins do?

EGTK Oxford

Peter, why do you think it won't come with PRNAV like the Garmins do?

I am not doubting it will be certifiable for PRNAV, but if the process for doing it is like the present process for European based pilots (EASA-reg or N-reg) and there isn't an AML STC, it may not be worth doing in aircraft not directly covered by whatever STC comes with it.

For N-regs, some avionics shops over here get around the "337 field approval" route by getting a DER to generate an 8110-3, which is essentially a design package which is then "Approved Data" and is used to support the 337 which is then mailed directly to Oklahoma for filing, so the FAA never sees it. That is how STC-supported 337s are handled; the FAA doesn't have to approve them.

There are two issues with this: the DER package is another few k, and a DER cannot (generally) generate the required AFMS which is customised for the actual aircraft (interaction with the autopilot, etc).

Whereas an AML STC - if done like the Garmin one - comes with a pre-approved AFMS so it goes straight in.

I know half this stuff is a paperwork charade but somebody has to make a decision on whether to do something legally or not. Nothing stops you buying an IFR540 (if/when it becomes available), possibly via some subterfuge if (like Garmin) they refuse to sell it other than to installers, and screwing it into the panel. I am sure thousands of Garmins were done that way. But you get no approvals; no BRNAV, certainly no PRNAV. IFR in Class G is all you can do

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

They have no other choice than sell it with an AML-STC like Garmin does or they would have no chance to sell any.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

I ordered one and paid a deposit when the IFD540 was announced now 18 months ago. At the time the price for one without install kit - so for replacing a 530W- was $8,500 which is what the used 530W will fetch so its effectively a free upgrade.

I asked the STC question and they told me it would have an AML STC at launch covering all the aircraft the 530W AML STC covers.

I played with a test unit in Friedrichshafen and loved it. It's badly delayed but when it will eventually arrive (now expected mid 2013) it will, I believe, be wonderful.

The IFD440 follows the IFD540 in release schedule.

EHLE, Netherlands

... that's an FAA AML STC.

EHLE, Netherlands

The IFD540 Pilot’s Guide is out – for what it’s worth.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Like reading Tolkien or any other Fantasy!

EGTK Oxford

Well, I would love to have a close look at the IFD440 and maybe I’d even like it better than the GTN650 … but I wonder if it will ever be certified

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