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Badajoz LEBZ and Cordoba LEBA

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Has anyone any recent experience of Badajoz and Cordoba, handling (if necessary?) opening times etc?
Thanks, Q

No experience at all but I’m interested in Badajoz myself for a future visit

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I flew to Cordoba LEBA about 12 months ago. Very quiet but GA friendly airport. VFR only but with the weather there it’s very unlikely to be a problem.

No handling required. About 15 min taxi to the historic city centre. The airport closed officially at 1600 local but worth arriving an hour earlier at latest. By the time you have refuelled and dealt with the admin they will be looking at their watches.

Cambridge EGSC

What’s interesting in Badajoz?
Cordoba, yes, it is a fantastic city, but Badajoz…….

pasion por volar

Badajoz is tricky. Its a mil field and only open to civ ops either side of a scheduled Iberia flight. Have a look at the AENA website. Tried to get in there a couple of times en route to/from Portugal, never worked out.

Cordoba is really nice, quiet little airfield, non-towered. Read up on some Spanish aviation phrases, as the local pilots obviously use their language. That said, they switch to English if a non-Spanish speaker comes on frequency. There used to be quite a nice little cafe, not sure if that’s still in operation. However, as TJ says, it’s only 15 mins from the center, and there you can eat very well indeed! Beautiful city, lots to see. Depending on time of year you go, be aware of quite a bit of ag flying throughout the Guadalquivir plains between Cordoba and Seville. I only mention that, as the area is very inviting for low-level flying and that’s of course where the ag guys live…

There is nothing of interest IN Badajoz for me. It’s more about the Extremadura region around what interests me. I saw that there was a new airport close to Caceres but it seems closed again. Not sure what is going on.

Are there other airfields that GA might use somewhere around the region? I already noticed that there are many airfields that are not in any AIP … Some forestal airfields apparently can also be used somehow. I’m not sure about anything but interested to learn.

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Do a search for Salamanca and you will find 2 or 3 threads which talk about these “mysterious” airports. I went there last year.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

There is a great book published by the Spanish Air Force called ‘Campos Eventuales’ which lists many of these small strips. You can get it at Madrid Quatro Vientos airport at the Buckerbook shop or online here (put campos eventuales in the search field).

Badajoz thread

I wonder if @celtico is still around?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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