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Barbeque at Cherbourg LFRC 24 August 2019

Just a heads up that Luc and Edith, the proprietors of "Le Coucou de Fourchette" (the restaurant at Cherbourg) are holding one of their famed Barbies on the 6th of July. I've been to previous events and confirm that this is a terrific event and the food is terrific.

Come all ye aviators...!

Would love to come, What is the time for the barbie?

Copied from the invite:

"Hello, Hello, Due to Alderney Fly-in on June29th weekend the big LFRC BBQ is now planned for Saturday July 6th for lunch Bring the sun with you and all yours friends Luc and Edith

Luc Dufour Le Coucou de Fourchette Aéroport de Cherbourg Maupertus 7 rue Jean Mermoz 50330 Gonneville Tel +33(0)2 33 54 68 68"

Does anyone has recent experience with the LFRC restaurant ? I may bring US friends there this weekend.

BTW, do they still organize BBQ ? I discovered it in this thread.

Visited this summer (on July 14) for a half day transit, it is a very good airport restaurant: the food is delicious, runway view is nice and full aviation/war history decorated, I think your friends will enjoy it !

I think they had a plan to do BBQ somewhere mid-Aug, seems to attract many aviators (did not had the chance to go), when I visited there was not much people around apart from me, my wife, the owners and one custom guy…so I can’t guess how the place looks like when it is full for a summer BBQ

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I had a very good lunch at the Cherbourg restaurant yesterday, with beatiful weather too.

The manager speaks good english and he sells wines and champaigns from independent vineyards.
While we had lunch, we saw 5 or 6 british planes coming by, including one back from Rallye Toulouse Saint Louis (that Jean and Wleferrand did too). We were the only french plane visiting.

All this on a beautiful airfield, ILS, AFIS for a 12€ landing fee.
Higly recommended.

Jujupilote wrote:

Highly recommended.

I agree Luc and Edith make everyone welcome ….. but the problem to/from the UK is the 24hrs notice for customs and before 1700 Friday for a weekend or Monday visit.

However the AIP doesnt say that, by all accounts its buried somewhere else.

Yes I had that “discussion” with the police at Cherbourg recently too.

I am told by someone connected that the reason is that the airport does not want the PNR (so no AIP and no notam) but the airport police (who have zero interest in whether any French airport gets any traffic) have a different view

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As many of you may know Luc & Edith, the amicable hosts/restaurateurs/wine sellers etc. at Cherbourg are sadly retiring this year (2019).
I always used their field to clear ‘customs’ whenever I was flying West to France.
Their going will be very sadly missed . . . and one only hopes that someone else may be able to take over the shop/restaurant: although I always wondered as to how they survived with so few GA movements.
One of the generous events they organised over many years was their famous BBQ.
Does anyone know whether they have announced the dates for them this year (2019) as they will be the final ones?
Likewise, does anyone know if their is an ‘official’ retirement date?
It would be good to arrange an Ad Hoc fly-in to say ‘au revoir’.

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

Great idea Peter !
They are closed today, but I can call them during he week and ask !
Her is an old thread about Cherbourg barbecue, maybe Peter can move our discussion there.

[ done, hopefully to the right place ]

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