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Battery minder / conditioner

With the winter months restrictions in full swing here, flying happens less often than it ought. I was therefore thinking of hooking the batteries up to a BatteryMinder type charger.

Is anyone using similar devices? Any thoughts? Wisdom of hooking up the batteries without opening the tailcone to airflow?

Indeed you need to look at the manual of your battery to see whether charging without airflow is allowed.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

I think the golden brand (in Europe) is CTEK. I have one for all vehicles I don’t use often, including the aircraft.

I’m using a BatteryMinder for two and a half years now. I installed a new Concord battery at that time. The BatteryMinder is of the special Concord type. I always plug it in when I push the plane in the hangar and are (so far) very happy with it.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

I use a BatteryMinder as well. Works well.

EGTK Oxford

Same here. BatteryMinder for Concorde batteries.

Lovin' it

My plane’s Concorde battery is on charge with a Battery Tender any time its not being flown.

I decided that ‘on Battery Tender all the time’ was the way to go after replacing a lot of batteries that failed due to storage discharge. As I write I think I have six or seven Battery Tenders running on that many vehicles and my longest lasting vehicle battery was installed in 2005.

I would do that too … only that my plane is parked in one of those revolving round hangars – with an outlet only on the (not turning) center post …
I wonder if there’s a RECHARGEABLE battery minder?

my plane is parked in one of those revolving round hangars

Don’t I know that

RECHARGEABLE battery minder

Good question!

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria

a RECHARGEABLE battery minder

which you will recharge with a cordless extension cable, perhaps?

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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