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Bird strike accidents and discussion (merged)

Bird went through the left prop on takeoff. I saw it coming, but could not abort as I didn’t have enough rwy left. Just had to see it happen in slomo, which was awful. It was a whole flock of them, so I couldn’t avoid either. Minced one and there was gut all over the cowling. Thankfully it was pretty small, probably a pigeon. I didn’t feel any vibrations or saw any damage, so decided to continue to my destination and deal with it there rather than do a precautionary landing.

Early mornings at my home airport before the tower opens, there’s always this big formation of birds hanging out. Seen them many times. Normally they stay in the grass next to the rwy, but not this day. What can be done? How do you deal with it at your airport?

Lucky they weren’t geese, I had to dodge a few of them this morning, probably a flock of 30-40 birds that acknowledged my take off clearance as their own and decided to cross the runway instead of departing runway heading. They have no manners…

ESSB, Stockholm Bromma

I have seen falcons used, cant remember where, also on many occasions I have seen the fire truck out with a thing that makes noise like a shotgun

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

What are the rules on shock load inspection?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

In short: engine stops or more than a tiny scratch on the blades.

Engine has to stop completely?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

For a pigeon? Seriously? Just calculate the torque from accelerating the poor thing to prop blade speed in the time it takes the blade to travel through its full body width, which is the theoretical maximum, and it will be miniscule.Geese, however…

I am not sure I would continue, though, for all I know half of the bird is now gunking up the cylinder fins, so a quick land-back, check and clean might be in order.

Biggin Hill

For a pigeon? Seriously?

A wild pigeon led to my first aborted takeoff after 30+ years and almost ruined a PW high bypass turbofan engine …

EDxx, Germany

Sorry, I wasn’t very clear… after a bird strike on take off, I would abort or land back to inspect for visible damage. (I had one rejected takeoff when a bird smashed in the nose…)

My comment was about the need for a shock loading inspection after striking a pigeon.

Biggin Hill

This happened on a mile final to runway 20 at Shoreham yesterday. My instructor thinks it was a wood pigeon. We didn’t see much other than a grey streak flash by and a loud bang.

I’m gutted this morning…not by the expense of my insurance excess, but rather by the hassle. The sheet metal work will be accomplished at Shoreham, and then I’ll have to fly it somewhere to have it painted. There goes a couple more days of holiday. :-(

Great Oakley, U.K. & KTKI, USA
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