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Brussels blocking UK from using EGNOS (LPV) - and selection of alternates

From here

UK is taking back control of GPS minima


Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

That is CAA CYA BS. The signal will remain available.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, this seems to make no real world difference to our equipment operation.

The problem is that if the CAA follows this “totally legally” they will notam the LPV procedures as not available and Jeppesen will then be forced to remove them from the database – as they have always done before when e.g. Shoreham went from ATC to A/G Radio.

And then you won’t have LPV…

Whether the +V approach will remain is interesting. With EGNOS notamed as not available, Jepp will have to remove that also.

Anyway, the US GPS system (Navstar) remains; none of our certified avionics use Galileo. It is just EGNOS whose signal is “technically” lost. EGNOS is used in Europe together with Navstar to deliver LPV.

The ultimate irony here, not lost on anyone with any historical perspective, is that the EU built this system supposedly for independence from the US but ultimately the US is the only country we can depend on. Just like WW1, WW2, etc…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’ll depend on whether the LPV coding stays in the next AIRAC cycle. If not then you won’t be able to activate an approach from the database even if the signal is being received.

Crossed posts with Peter’s above.

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So…. London blocking UK from using EGNOS (LPV) would be the more correct title of this thread.

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

“the European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) will terminate EGNOS Working Agreements (EWA) with aerodromes”

ESSP is not in the UK

But yes, it is ultimately up to the CAA whether they decide to screw UK pilots or not. The trouble is that if they don’t, the EU will accuse the UK of stealing the signal for which they are not paying.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Shutt EGNOS works in Morocco (don’t ask me how I know ) but it has to be on GPS database

The problem is UK CAA, they are looking for excuse not to “LPV around” and that has nothing to do with Brussels…
It’s not like LNAV (which is probably more than enough for most GA airports) is flourishing everywhere

mh wrote:

So…. London blocking UK from using EGNOS (LPV) would be the more correct title of this thread.

The good thing about “Brussels Blocking UK from X” is no longer applicable starting from next month
Ofc we can always blame EASA (Brussels) for UK mandatory PPR, no PCL, no LPV…

Last Edited by Ibra at 21 Dec 14:14
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

EGNOS works in Morocco

If Morocco is not paying into EGNOS, but has published LPV approaches, that’s probably an oversight

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It’s not just Mediterranean & Middle-East, it’s even extended to South-Africa all free of charge (of course subject to other aviation/aerospace deals), none of these countries pay for the non-encrypted signal Galileo & EGNOS or Copernicus, it’s like air it’s just free !

In the other hand, UK under Theresa May has said we want our own “sovereign system”, at the time it was about proprietary encrypted signal for military applications, which I guess very pricey and need money in the pot, but here you go now not even securing the free part

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Paris/Essex, United Kingdom
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