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Canuck R44 and Pitts S2

This beautiful weather is not the norm round B.C.

Oxford (EGTK)

Great video.

I don’t understand most of what the guy with the beard is saying but he doesn’t need a windsock

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Bradley Friesen (and his dog) is a pretty well known YouTuber and is doing some pretty cool stuff with his R44. He appeared in a few of Casey Neistat’ (THE most known YouTuber) videos and probably gained a few subscribers by that :)

The “aviation YouTube scene” is on fire and there is a lot of cool content being posted. Better picture quality and good production value has become the standard. For someone that is basically shut down by snow half of the year (expecting 40cm this weekend), YouTube is a must.

A few to check out:
jaunty17 (flying a DA42 out of Sweden, good IFR content)
captmoonbeam (corporate pilot in the US)
steveo1kinevo (flying the TBM850 in the US)
CirrusPilot (recently started posting)
Jerry W (flying a C310? in the US)
flightchops (a lot of different stuff)
Guido Warnecke (ranging from C182 to Citations, US, Europe and crossings)
Christian Oberkofler (PC12 out of Locher airfield, recently discussed…)
Plane Old Ben (young pilot based in the UK)
The Flying Reporter (private pilot based in the UK)

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