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Certified fun in Spain

Great trip and report as usual!

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Thank you all, glad you liked the write-up

Antonio wrote:

What type’s your Mooney and how did it behave in the very hot wx?

It’s an Encore-converted 252. It has a TSIO360SB. It’s not a problem to keep the temperatures low with the 252s, but climb performance was anemic.

Peter wrote:

Some good ideas for the usual late-autumn meet-up in Spain. We did Badajoz (for Merida) last October (though only 2 aircraft made it) so maybe Segovia this year?

Yes, but the field is PPR, so this would require some coordination with the operator. What about Granada? The big airport there is GA friendly and the town is really nice, too.

WiliamF wrote:

Roughly what average TAS and Fuel Burn did you have on the trip? The efficiency is compelling.

I can’t tell exactly for this trip, there were quite a few short legs, but usually we see a little over ten GPH at 65%. She does 165kt up high (say 170 and higher) and about 155kt at 120.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany
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