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Cessna Turbo 182T why is it a sleeper?

I have always been fond of the Buick like handling and ride, coupled with good short field performance of the sturdy 182. Quite recent G1000 WAAS versions with low time engines seem to be asking $300-400k, which is a big discount (40%?) on the sales market leader for similar vintage.

The Turbo 182T has been cleaned up and delivers 165KTAS at FL100, with a 1100 lb useful load, and a relatively long lived engine. It also has good short field capabilities, including smooth grass. It can have a CAPS fitted and comes with 26G seats and airbags.

Is the extra 10-15 knots and FADEC worth so much, or is it that the modern pilot doesn’t want to be seen driving his grandad’s Buick?

Oxford (EGTK)

Very good question. I think it’s an image problem and also that BRS is a retrofit on the 182. I have no idea how many 182s are outfitted with it, but think not too many, as this takes up the luggage space. The main ‘problem’ with the 182 is that it simply doesn’t say ‘modern’ on the ramp. It’s a flying SUV and that’s perfectly fine by me, but it doesn’t say ‘hot rod’ when you look at it.
I personally would buy a 182 over a Cirrus (I assume that’s what you are alluding to) any day of the week, but then again, I’ve flown 182s for many years, love them and they perfectly fit my ‘mission profile’.

I deeply agree :-D

A similar aged Cirrus would have TKS.

pmh, Denmark

The 182 is a fantastic all round aircraft. i would have one tomorrow.

Fly safely
Various UK. Operate throughout Europe and Middle East, United Kingdom


While I technically don’t fly a 182 right now I still own one and am very happy with the plane. Mine is from 2001, well maintained and I have zero maintenance issues (beyond the engine that keeps me grounded for a few more weeks – see other thread about my crankshaft).

I don’t agree with the market value difference, in fact it is the other way around: while Cirri lose market value with the newer generations a 182 for “300-400” retains the factory value for much longer as it doesn’t start in the 800-900(thousand) region.

In the flight levels I see 150knots for 45ltr/h. Plenty of room (I am 2.02m tall) with room behind me for one of the kids. Great payload and short-field performance.
Now why would I want to upgrade? For me it’s glass, TKS (although I think my electric prop is far better – but unfortunately no wing deice), the extra climb rate, the extra 20 knots (for an extra 20 liters/h), the chute.. and Avidyne G3s seem a bargain right now. Several TN birds in the low 300s..

One of my potential buyers wants to convert my 182 for skydiving.. That makes me cry but try that with an SR ;)


The TKS issue can be solved, see here.

CAV just quoted me USD40,000 installed.. I don’t have Peter’s deep pockets ;) (at least not after the new engine)


Installed by who, out of interest?

TKS is pricey but is a LOT cheaper than selling an otherwise good plane whose history you know and buying somebody else’s former can of worms with TKS

Back to the topic, a C182 is a huge capable plane, with this one being at the very top.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The guy says that they have only one certified installation center in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He also mentioned a lead time of six months and a downtime of three weeks. I will definitely let this pass..

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