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Convenient airport for München?

Which airport would you recommend for München?
The obvious choice EDDM seems out of the question as it looks like they don’t allow aircraft with a MTOW below 2T.

Augsburg EDMA or Oberpfaffenhofen EDMO are fine and work well for Munich.

EGTK Oxford

Try to get a slot in Unterschleißheim (VFR) but you probably won’t get it. Other than that, Augsburg EDMA I think. Munich is GA desert.

The story about slots not being abailable is mostly a myth. Typical for GA.
I have gone there four times in the last four years and always got my slot.
Last time was just this week.

Perfect location.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Thanks guys!

Oberpfaffenhofen EDMO has a >2T MTOW requirement, see this , so it is not an option for us.

Oberschleissheim EDNX is a good suggestion, but it can be tricky as it is VFR only. We could be stuck there on the departure day if the weather is below VFR.

Augsburg EDMA has good facilities and opening hours, but is about 60km from the Munich city center.

I could try to get a slot for Oberschleissheim EDNX and use Augsburg as an alternate.
But would do that only if the weather is very stable.

Last time I looked at this (didn’t go due to bad wx) it was clearly EDMA.

The transport to Munich was about 1hr by train or something like that, but as with any large city “it depends” massively on exactly where. Biggin Hill to “London” could be 30 mins or 3hrs…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Augsburg EDMA has good facilities and opening hours, but is about 60km from the Munich city center.

Unfortunately it is the only IFR option if EDMO is out. €120 cab ride or the train. As said below, Munich is a tough city to fly into.

EGTK Oxford

As a Munich resident: If you want to fly IFR, EDMA is unfortunately the only sensible option.

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria

ETSI could be an option as well. Flexible opening hours and IFR, but no good connection by public transport. With a hire car (preorder one via the handling company IMA or take one of theirs if available) it takes less than an hour in normal traffic.

EDDS - Stuttgart

what next; Augsburg looks closer on the map, and has a good road to Munich. Would Ingolstadt be quicker for Munich than Augsberg?

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)
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