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CPL... Nice to have?

You could fly PC12s and similar after also having passed the HPA (which can be done at an ATO). I´ll hopefully complete the CPL until spring with the goal of becoming FI and ultimately FI-IR. Since you have to pass the CPL theory I reckon it makes sense to complete the flying part too, it´s just 15hrs, and 10 of them in a Katana. Also, at least where I live, ATOs don´t seem to hire you without the CPL.


You could fly PC12s

I have known a few PC12 pilots and they say most clients are looking for 2 crew, with ATPL in the LHS. No good reason; just a tradition, apparently. The RHS is then usually a CPL/IR. But I am sure there are many exceptions; it will depend on knowing the client and whether you are a “regular” or a rented pilot who works for various clients.

I was thinking easa CPL who also holds an IRL/IR and hasn’t sat the ATPL TK
Pre 2000 ish they used to be able to be a FO on a 737 that is no longer the case.

I can well believe that JAA ended that option (CPL and IR done as separate projects, each with their own exams). The 14-exam ATPL QB is about 30% “fatter” than the CPL and IR QBs combined, although I bet you that doing the 14 exams is less work overall than doing the 13+7 exams

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Bathman wrote:

Pre 2000 ish they used to be able to be a FO on a 737 that is no longer the case.

You mean no longer the case because the airlines won’t hire them? I can’t find anything in part-FCL against it.

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Ibra wrote:

I had the impression that fATPL was a short name of CPL+IR+ME+TK_atpl

My impression is that fATPL meant that you satisfied all requirements for the ATPL — including the checkride — except the experience requirement and that you would automatically get an ATPL once you got the required experience. Also that this possibility only existed in the FAA system.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

If you search here for “dead” there is some possible lead there about this “dead end option”. I don’t have a proper reference for it.

It would not surprise me if you could be RHS in a 737 with a CPL+IR (done separately)* but you will never become an ATPL after the 500hrs – because you have not sat the 14 “ATPL” exams. Accordingly the airline is not going to hire you because they have no interest in a “permanent CPL/IR”. You could find work in the bizjet / PC12 sphere for sure, however.

* This still leaves the issue of getting the 737 TR. The TR school will be looking for a CPL / ME IR. The good Q is whether they will also demand the 14 ATPL exams. If they allow it, they will give you dire warnings about wasting your life

you satisfied all requirements for the ATPL — including the checkride

There is no ATPL checkride in Euroland.

Also that this possibility only existed in the FAA system.

It is completely different in FAA-land. There is a real ATP there. Some recent changes. Before the changes, I could have done an ATP in my TB20 (except I don’t have the 100hrs night time).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

There is no ATPL checkride in Euroland.

FCL.520.A ATPL(A) — Skill test
Applicants for an ATPL(A) shall pass a skill test in accordance with Appendix 9 to this Part to demonstrate the ability to perform, as PIC of a multi-pilot aeroplane under IFR, the relevant procedures and manoeuvres with the competency appropriate to the privileges granted.
The skill test shall be taken in the aeroplane or an adequately qualified FFS representing the same type

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne Again

Thanks for you input I have just read FCL.305 and I have to agree with you that there doesn’t appear to be anything to prohibit it.

Pre JAR you used to be able to sit CPL to ATPL upgrade exams and I knew numerous people who didn’t pass them until they were in the RHS.

Does the EASA CPL has an interest in pure terms of improving your skills ?
I have no business flying in sight, but I could do it for my « pleasure ». Let’s forget the TK test for now.
I know in the US, many private pilots get a CPL to sharpen their skills and lower their aircraft insurance cost.
Is it applicable in EASA land ?


The hours yes, not sure about the cpl in itself?

In the UK, having an instructor rating does reduces insurance premium for gliders (better than lot of P1 hours), for aeroplanes it also work when you include an FI in the syndicate as regular flyer compensate for low hours ppl (assuming nominated pilots and no training appart from regular owners checkouts)

Using the aircraft for commercial purposes or ab training will just inflate premium and excess bills…

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Yes, I meant practically doing the CPL flight training with no intent to pass the medical, the TK and the skill test.
Is the CPL practical syllabus relevant to the private pilot ?

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