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Landing on a highway - pilot speaks of miracle landing


Last Edited by Jonas at 16 Sep 06:48
ESOW Västerås, Sweden

With all the obstacles it is indeed a miracle he made it. I would have chosen the Hudson River, I think.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Yes, incredible that i didn’t hit anything, except for cars there were street lightning etc.
Don’t now what i would choose, they did not use any life jacket in the video so i don’t think he was mentally prepared for that option?

Last Edited by Jonas at 16 Sep 11:01
ESOW Västerås, Sweden

Yeah, he did it right enough that you can’t really criticize too much, but that could have turned out a lot worse! One of the things which is great about watching for traffic constantly, is that eyeing places for forced approaches becomes a bi product of that. As I think London has recognized, there are some cities that it is not possible to safely overfly single engine. There is no “GA” airspace floor vs glide to a suitable landing area combination which works with the size and land use density of most large cities.

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada
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