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Created a new dashboard for my ultralight.

And first flew it yesterday. To my utter surprise, everything worked right from the first time!

Some images here .

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Très vintage :-)

Just for interest, why did you go for a laminated wood and fibreglass panel, rather than just a sheet of aluminium? Looks like quite a lot of work!

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Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

A good question. I doubted for a good while.
-) I do not like working in alu – fully irrational argument
-) the wood-glass sandwich made it easier to attach the extra panels, that serve for stiffening and as auxiliary supports for heavy items like the transponder.
-) alu in its natural state is reflective and that is what a dashboard should definitely not be; I had no idea how to get alu matt black, except by anodising (expensive) or perhaps with adhesive film (difficult to apply neatly, and easily scratched).
-) I quite like the present finish – vintage, indeed. Actually I had originally thought of real walnut veneer but found that to be a non-trivial exercise.

One disadvantage of the present sandwich is that it is too heavy – the front panel, laminated but with no holes and no extra panels either, weighed in at just below one kg – it should only have been 500 or 600 grammes. Next one must be thinner, perhaps even glass only, which can get a matt black gelcoat finish.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Really cool . I’m building mine now, but would like some comments before I start (in another thread)

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