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CRI and instructing at night

Can a CRI instruct a pilot that is already night qualified at night?
My understanding is that it is yes, but I’m trying to find some “evidence”. I couldn’t find any “Day only” restriction in part-FCL but would like something a bit more affirmative.

No. The privileges of a CRI are to instruct for:

(1) the issue, revalidation or renewal of a class or type rating for single-pilot
aeroplanes, except for single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes,
when the privileges sought by the applicant are to fly in single-pilot

Exercise 20 – Night Flying is nothing to do with that and requires an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.915.FI (e)

Oxfordshire / Glocs

Is that what they are asking?

I thought there was nothing stopping a CRI giving training to renew say an expired SEP rating under conditions of night if they were suitably qualified.

There are not teaching a night qualification.

Yes, the nuance here is that the student is already qualified, and this would not be a flight focusing on night instruction. The fact it is at night is actually incidental (the flight starts during day hours and would end up during the night)

I’ve just called the CAA and they weren’t able to give me an answer I was satisfied with 1 on the phone, so I’ve written to them and will let you know what they say

I have a CRI rating (and am current on my night rating since I hold an IR). I was wondering if I’d be able to exercise the CRI privileges with a student that is already night rated, at night time.

I was wondering if the nature of the instructing would have any sort of matter on it. For instance, would ability to exercise privileges be different under the following aims of the flight:
a) A student wanting to do the 1h with an instructor. The flight incidentally partially happens at night, and night instruction is not an objective of the lesson (which is the case on the flight we are planning, which would start during day hours and end up landing at night)
b) A student feels lack of confidence flying at night, and wants to take an instructor with him
c) The student wants some further instruction specifically on night flying

1 The person I spoke to actually thought it wouldn’t be a problem, but he didn’t seem confident enough for me to take him on his word. There wasn’t someone more senior available either, hence writing to them.

That was the question I was answering – see the privileges of the CRI, Night Flying is all part of Ex 20 which is not part of the class rating and isn’t within the privileges of CRI rating. It doesn’t matter what the purpose of the flight is, a CRI cannot exercise their privileges -just as they can’t teach instrument flying or the IMC rating or modular IR.

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Oxfordshire / Glocs

Balliol wrote:

Exercise 20 – Night Flying is nothing to do with that and requires an FI qualified in accordance with FCL.915.FI (e)

FCL.905.FI privileges are necessary only for a flight instructor to conduct flight instruction for the issue of a night rating. In no other circumstance does Part-FCL require a flight instructor with the privilege at point (e) to give flight instruction at night.

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It is not about part FCL ‘requiring’ – it is not listed as a privilege therefore isnt permitted. A FI has to prove competence in instruction at night with an AoC and additional instructional licence privilege entry, there is no route for a CRI to do either. If the student stuffs up the landing at night in the scanerios above how exactly has the CRI been trained or demonstrated competence in instructing night landings? This is how it was formally explained to me by an authority rep.

Oxfordshire / Glocs

I wholeheartedly agree that flight instruction at night ought not to be permitted without the FCL.905.FI privilege being held. That is not however what the present rule requires.

it is not listed as a privilege therefore isnt permitted

That is an inconsistent conclusion because the rule also says nothing about exercising privileges during day conditions.


No problem if you train the properly night rated student towards a new class rating, or refreshing his class rating skills.
Training him in night flying is nothing a CRI may do. Class specific instruction regarding operation at night is ok, though.

Thanks CW. That’s my view and I’ve been convinced it is what the rules say. Since there are conflicting opinions though, mind asking you the basis/source of your affirmation?

I’m still waiting (nearly 2 month) for a reply from the CAA by the way. By the time I get one, the rules might have changed again!

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